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7 Easy Money Drawing Rituals That Make Bank

There's no denying it - we could all benefit from a bit of extra cash. Perhaps you're yearning for an adventurous getaway, or maybe unexpected bills have cropped up, catching you off guard. Having a few more stacks on hand could certainly smooth things out.

While hard work is key, sometimes the universe needs a nudge in the right direction. That's where a sprinkle of magic can make all the difference. Let's delve into these seven simple and powerful money drawing rituals designed to draw prosperity directly to you.

Enduring Wealth Bundle

This ritual centers on the notion that wealth, once attracted, should be sustained. It might take some time to show results, but it's a perfect ritual if you're saving up for something special. You'll need:

Spread the handkerchief out under moonlight or, if not available, under the light of a street lamp. Sprinkle calendula flowers onto the handkerchief, followed by the silver coins. Tie the handkerchief tight, securing all the contents inside.

Hold the bundle tightly in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize your savings growing. Speak your intention out loud, expressing your desire to accumulate and keep your money safe. Place the bundle in your freezer, ensuring it lies at the very back. Only untie it when you have the savings you need.

Flash of Fortune

This ritual is perfect for those times when you need money urgently. It's a hot drawing ritual that relies on immediate action and swift manifestation. You'll need:

Start by lighting the Big Al Big Money candle. Place a small dish in front of you and into this dish, drop a cinnamon stick, a pinch of cayenne pepper, a pinch of devil's shoestring, and then add a few drops of our Quick Money Oil.

With your eyes closed, visualize the money you need coming your way quickly. Speak out loud about how much money you need, how soon you need it, and what you will do once you get it. Let this vision consume you. You can also recite the following prayer...

Divine Universe, hear my plea, a need for urgency surrounds me.
I ignite this flame with intentions clear, draw to me wealth, draw it near.
As this candle's flame does cease, let wealth flow and worries decrease.
In gratitude, I welcome this wealth, with open heart and vibrant health.
So be it.

Once the candle has burned down at least half an inch or more, blow it out and perform an action related to making the money you want. Clean up after the ritual.

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Bath of Abundance

This money drawing ritual makes you the focus of your money luck, attracting wealth to you in a steady, soothing manner. It's a calming ritual to improve your overall financial situation. You'll need:

Clean your bathroom until it's sparkling, and then fill your tub with hot water. Ensure it's at a temperature comfortable for you. Light our Prosperity Incense to set the mood. Sprinkle a small handful of bayberry bark into the water.

Slip into the bath, allowing yourself to relax. As you soak, visualize the wealth-attracting power of the bayberry seeping into your skin. When you're ready, lather up with our Money Drawing Soap, imagining the old luck washing away and new, prosperous luck setting in.

Once done, drain the tub and rinse yourself under pleasantly warm water. As the water flows over you, picture all the things you desire that will be made possible by the money coming your way. This ritual brings a gentle wave of wealth into your life.

Money Magnet Charm

This ritual involves creating a charm to attract money from all angles. It may take a little while to show results, but once it starts working, it will continuously draw money toward you. You'll need:

Start by placing the seven different coins inside your pouch. Next, sprinkle some basil into the pouch. Basil is believed to attract wealth and luck. After adding the basil, place a cinnamon stick inside. Cinnamon is known for speeding up the manifestation of spells, especially those related to prosperity and money. Once all items are inside the pouch, add a few drops of our Magnet Oil.

Hold the pouch in your hands, close your eyes, and deeply visualize money flowing towards you from all directions. Picture the charm acting as a magnet, drawing this money in. Once you have a clear image, speak your intention aloud, expressing your desire for continuous financial prosperity. Keep this pouch in a safe place at home or carry it with you to continuously draw money towards you.

The Flowing River of Prosperity

This money drawing spell calls upon the image of a flowing river, representing a constant stream of prosperity entering your life. It works well if you are seeking a steady, ongoing financial increase. You'll need:

Pour the river water into your dish, then place the three green Aventurine stones in the water. Aventurine is often used in money rituals due to its ability to attract luck and wealth. Next, add a few silver or gold coins. They represent the money you wish to attract. To seal the ritual, add a few drops of our Money Drawing Oil to the dish.

Hold your hands over the bowl, close your eyes, and visualize a river of wealth flowing toward you. Then, recite the following prayer:

Divine flow, guide my way.
Like a river, let prosperity stay.
Stones in water, wealth in hand,
May fortunes flow as grains of sand.
Constant, abundant, forever free,
So may my wealth forever be.

Place the bowl in a space where it won't be disturbed and let the water evaporate naturally. Once the water has evaporated, carry the Aventurine stones and coins with you to keep the flow of prosperity going.

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Prosperity Dream Sachet

This ritual involves creating a sachet that you'll place under your pillow. As you sleep, the sachet will work its magic, inviting prosperous dreams and attracting wealth to you in your waking life. You'll need:

Start by placing dried chamomile flowers and peppermint leaves into the pouch. Chamomile is known for attracting prosperity, while peppermint is believed to speed up the manifestation process. Next, place a citrine stone into the pouch. Citrine is often referred to as the "Merchant's Stone" due to its ability to attract wealth and prosperity.

Once all the items are inside, add a few drops of our Quick Money Oil to the pouch. Close your eyes and hold the sachet in your hands, visualizing your financial goals and desires. Speak your intention out loud, expressing your wish for increased prosperity. Place this sachet under your pillow as you sleep. Replace or recharge the sachet as needed.

Abundance Flame

This money drawing spell involves a simple candle-burning ritual that invites abundance into your life. As the flame burns, it represents the growing energy of prosperity being drawn towards you. You'll need:

Write your financial goals on a piece of parchment paper. Be as specific as possible – if it's a certain amount of money, write down the exact amount. Once you've written your goals, fold the paper three times.

Sprinkle some basil onto the parchment paper, fold it once more, and then place it under the Money Drawing Multicolor 7 Day Prayer Candle. Basil is believed to draw wealth and luck, while the candle symbolizes the burning desire for prosperity.

Light the candle while visualizing your financial goals being realized. Allow yourself to feel the joy and relief that comes with achieving these goals. After the candle is lit, spray our Money Drawing Spray around the room, further amplifying the energy of prosperity. Let the candle burn down naturally (but always supervise a burning candle). Perform this ritual once a week until your financial goals are achieved.

Embrace Your Prosperity Journey

As we close this mystical journey, remember that prosperity is not just about the wealth you hold in your hands, but the richness you harbor in your heart and soul. These seven money drawing rituals are a pathway, a means to invite abundance into your life, to open yourself up to the wealth of the universe.

Each ritual and each ingredient has a purpose. Your actions, intentions, and faith serve as powerful conductors for this energy, drawing prosperity toward you. Remember, magic works best when it's paired with real-world action. So, chase that paper, secure the bag, and keep grinding.

As you weave these rituals into your life, may each one illuminate your path to prosperity, success, and financial peace. In the grand tapestry of the cosmos, let these threads of abundance be woven into your life's story, guiding you toward the wealth you seek.