Cayenne pepper powder

Cayenne Pepper

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The Red Pepper is used in various magical traditions for adding energy to spellwork and promoting faithfulness in relationships. In Hoodoo, it is incorporated into spells targeting enemies and used for protection against negative spells and hexes.

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The Cayenne Pepper has numerous magical applications, originating from a variety of traditions. Its fiery flavor and heat make it a useful addition to spellwork and rituals for adding energy. Additionally, it can bring excitement to relationships and promote faithfulness. In Hoodoo practices, Cayenne Pepper is a key ingredient in spells targeting enemies, such as Hot Foot powder, Crossing powder, and Goofer dust. Sprinkling Cayenne Pepper around your home offers protection against negative spells and hexes.

  • Powder available in 1oz, 1/2lb & 1lb quantities