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Bring More Luck Into Your Life This St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is March 17th, and there is no better time for bringing more luck into your life. While the day started as a religious holiday, over time it has become a celebration of Irish culture and folklore. If you could use a little more "luck of the Irish" in your life, here are your must-have supplies for bringing in good fortune:

Green candles. Even if you have never celebrated Saint Patrick's Day, you have still probably seen revelers dressed in green. Green is associated with luck on this day because of the belief that wearing this color would keep trouble-making fairies from hassling people. Green candles are also used in magic for prosperity, fertility, and abundance -- all things most of us could use more of!

Four leaf clovers. Clovers usually have three leaves, and Saint Patrick used these three-leaved clovers to represent the Catholic Holy Trinity. About one in every 1000 plants grows an extra leaf, and these four-leaves plants are said to stand for love, faith, hope, and luck. It takes a lot of luck to find a four leaf clover to begin with, but keeping a pressed, dried clover as a talisman is said to draw more fortune to you.

Lucky Horseshoes. Horseshoes have long been tied to luck and protection -- the iron they are made of protects against fairies, horses feel no pain when the shoes are nailed to their hooves, and the shape of the shoe looks like a crescent moon. Some say shoes should be nailed upright over a door in order to keep luck within a home, while others hang them upside-down so the luck can shower down on whoever walks beneath them. Either way, carrying or wearing a horseshoe amulet will help bring more luck to you.

Aventurine gems. Green aventurine is a beautiful stone that glitters with flecks of minerals like pyrite and mica, so it is easy to see how it became associated with luck and prosperity. Aventurine tumble stones are great additions to luck spells, while wearing aventurine jewelry attracts luck, success, and new opportunities.

Rabbit's feet. Rabbits are tied to fertility and springtime. Over time, this idea grew into rabbits being associated with prosperity and luck. While they are not that lucky for the rabbits themselves, rabbit's feet are said to bring luck to whoever carries them.

Rainbows. Leprechauns, a type of fairy, are said to hide gold at the ends of rainbows. Because of this, rainbows are a symbol of prosperity and luck, and are often worn on clothes or jewelry to attract good fortune.

Welcome Luck into Your Home

This Saint Patrick's Day, prepare your home to welcome in good fortune. Start by airing out your home and sweeping it thoroughly, opening all of your windows and sweeping your entire home from the back to the front. Then, mop all of your floors with Good Luck House Blessing Bath & Floor Wash. Dress a green candle with luck oil, light it, and carry it clockwise through every room of your house. As you do this, say a few words to welcome luck in, like,

Misfortune and bad luck, away,
Here, only good fortune may stay.

Set the candle in the heart of your home, and allow to burn. You may snuff the candle and repeat when you need a little extra luck.

Creating Luck Talismans

After choosing a charm -- whether it is a four leaf clover, rabbit's foot, or aventurine stone -- you need to charge it. This tells the object what to do, and activates its ability to bring luck to you. To do this, set the object under the light of the sun, then the light of the full moon. Pass it through the smoke of some Fast Luck incense, and anoint it with a drop of luck oil. Then, hold it in your hands. As you hold it, picture yourself with unlimited luck in love, money, or wherever you could use some extra help. Tell your desire to the charm. When you feel it is fully empowered, wear it or carry it with you to attract good fortune.

Everyone needs a little extra luck now and then. If your fortune needs a little boost, this Saint Patrick's Day might just be your chance. Cleanse your home and prepare it to receive good fortune, and empower a good luck charm for yourself. You may just see your luck turn around!