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Bring More Luck Into Your Life This St. Patrick's Day

Imagine a day filled with green, where streets buzz with parades, and people everywhere are celebrating — yes, we're talking about St. Patrick's Day! But how did this day, marked every March 17th, become such a global festivity?

Back in the day, St. Patrick's Day started as a religious feast day for St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This remarkable figure, St. Patrick, is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. It's said that he used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish, which is why the shamrock is now a key symbol of the day.

Originally, this day was a time for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide. However, as time went by, St. Patrick's Day transformed. It blossomed into an all-encompassing celebration of Irish culture and heritage, far beyond its religious origins. Now, whether you're in Dublin, New York, or even Tokyo, March 17th is a day for parades, wearing green, enjoying Irish music and dances, and, for some, sipping on a pint of Guinness.

St. Patrick's Day has undergone a remarkable transformation from a quiet religious observance into a vibrant global celebration, a true testament to the lasting spirit of Irish culture. This day allows everyone, regardless of background, to join in the festivities and feel a touch of Irish luck.

As we commemorate St. Patrick's Day, we're not only paying tribute to St. Patrick himself but also celebrating the rich tapestry of Irish traditions that have flourished worldwide. For those seeking to imbibe a bit more "luck of the Irish" in their lives, embracing this celebration offers an array of opportunities to draw in good fortune.

St partick patron saint ireland

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is credited with bringing Christianity to his country.

The Lucky Symbols of St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day isn't just a day to wear green and celebrate; it's a day filled with symbols of luck that have been cherished over the centuries. Each of these symbols has its own story, making the day even more special. Let's dive into some well-known and perhaps lesser-known symbols of luck associated with this vibrant day.

Green Candles

Even if you have never celebrated Saint Patrick's Day, you have still probably seen revelers dressed in green. Green is associated with luck on this day because of the belief that wearing this color would keep trouble-making fairies from hassling people. Green candles are also used in magic for prosperity, fertility, and abundance — all things most of us could use more of!


The shamrock, or three-leafed clover, is more than just a lucky charm, is deeply rooted in Ireland's culture and history, especially on St. Patrick's Day. It's a symbol that transcends its initial luck association, reflecting Ireland's rich cultural and religious heritage. Tradition tells us that St. Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish, linking it forever with Irish identity and Christian faith. This act elevated the shamrock to more than just flora; it became a vital emblem of Ireland itself.

Four Leaf Clovers

Clovers usually have three leaves, and Saint Patrick used these three-leaved clovers, also known as shamrocks, to represent the Catholic Holy Trinity. About one in every 1000 plants grows an extra leaf, and these four-leaved plants are said to stand for love, faith, hope, and luck. It takes a lot of luck to find a four-leaf clover, to begin with, but keeping a pressed, dried clover as a talisman is said to draw more fortune to you.

Lucky Horseshoes

Horseshoes have long been tied to luck and protection — the iron they are made of protects against fairies, horses feel no pain when the shoes are nailed to their hooves, and the shape of the shoe looks like a crescent moon. Some say shoes should be nailed upright over a door to keep luck within a home, while others hang them upside-down so the luck can shower down on whoever walks beneath them. Either way, carrying or wearing a horseshoe amulet will help bring more luck to you.

Aventurine Gems

Green aventurine is a beautiful stone that glitters with flecks of minerals like pyrite and mica, so it is easy to see how it became associated with luck and prosperity. Aventurine tumble stones are great additions to luck spells while wearing aventurine jewelry attracts luck, success, and new opportunities.

Rabbit's Feet

Rabbits symbolize fertility, renewal, and luck, their prolific nature makes them a sign of spring's return and growth. This connection has led them to be seen as bringers of good fortune across various cultures. Carrying a rabbit's foot is a widely held superstition for attracting luck, despite its grim implications for the rabbit. This practice, alongside the "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" chant for monthly luck, showcases the rabbit's role in folklore as a powerful symbol of prosperity and life's cycles.


Leprechauns, those mischievous little fairies deeply embedded in Irish folklore, have fascinated people for centuries. Known for their craftiness and hidden pots of gold, they are believed to stash their treasures at the end of rainbows. This enchanting tale has turned rainbows into powerful symbols of prosperity, luck, and the chance to find something incredibly valuable in the least expected places.

Good luck symbols horseshoe shamrocks

Shamrocks and horseshoes ar two lucky symbols known for bringing luck and good fortune.

Luck Rituals For St. Patrick's Day

Embracing the magic of Saint Patrick's Day offers a unique opportunity to fill your life and home with positive energy and good fortune. While the enchantment of Saint Patrick's Day provides a perfect backdrop for rituals aimed at attracting good fortune, it's important to remember that these practices are not limited to just one day of the year. The power of positive energy, prosperity, and luck knows no calendar; therefore, these powerful luck rituals can be integrated into your daily life at any time.

Welcome Luck into Your Home

Get ready to turn your home into a magnet for all things great and lucky this Saint Patrick's Day! We're not just talking about a quick clean-up. Imagine giving your space a total vibe makeover, making it a beacon for positivity and prosperity. Here are the ingredients you will need to perform this powerful ritual.

Kick things off by inviting the fresh spring air into every nook and cranny. Throw those windows wide open and let the breeze sweep away the stale vibes. Next, grab your broom like it's your magic wand, and sweep away from the back of your home to the front door, gathering all that bad luck to usher it out.

Now, it's mop time. Mix that Good Luck House Blessing Bath & Floor Wash with water and mop away, laying down the path for good fortune. Once the floors are gleaming, it's candle time. Take your green candle, anoint it with Good Luck Oil (think of it as giving the candle a good luck massage), and then light it up. As its flame starts dancing, walk around your home with it, moving clockwise. Whisper the following affirmation:

Misfortune and bad luck, away,
here, only good fortune may stay.

Place the candle in a central spot where it can glow warmly, acting like a lighthouse for luck. Remember, if you ever feel like your luck tank needs a refill, just light up that candle again and spread those good vibes.

Creating a Protective Doorway Charm

In a world where energy flows freely, our homes can sometimes become a crossroads for both positive and negative energy. This ritual taps into ancient wisdom, harnessing the natural power of the earth to create a barrier against negativity, while also inviting luck and abundance into your life. As we prepare to infuse our living spaces with this potent energy, let's gather the necessary components to weave our protective and prosperous spell.

First, mix your Protection Herbs and place them in the green cloth pouch. Add the Green Aventurine Stone, known for its prosperity vibes. Sprinkle a few drops of Protection Oil into the pouch, focusing on your intention for a protected and lucky home. As you work, imagine a bright shield of energy wrapping around your space. Finally, hang this charm over your door. It's like telling bad luck, "Not today!"

A Prosperity Bath Ritual

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of a spiritual bath designed to lift the veil of misfortune and usher in an era of abundance and joy in your life. By engaging in this ritual, you're not merely partaking in a physical cleansing, but embarking on a soulful journey to attract prosperity and positive vibrations. Let's prepare the sacred space with carefully selected ingredients that resonate with the essence of luck, prosperity, and well-being.

Fill your tub with warm, inviting water, then stir in the Success Bath Salts. Light your Green Candle to set the mood for growth and success. Sink into the bath, letting the salts work their magic, clearing out any negativity. Picture your dreams coming true, one by one, as you relax and soak up the good fortune vibes. Before you step out, whisper a thank you to the universe for the abundance coming your way. Post-bath, wear something green to keep the prosperity energy flowing.

Creating Good Luck Talismans

Ready to make your own luck? Let's dive into crafting a Luck Talisman that doesn't just look cool but also acts like a personal luck magnet. Whether it's finding extra change on the sidewalk, acing that test you studied hard for, or just having an all-around awesome day, this talisman's got your back. Here's how you'll bring this little powerhouse to life:

First off, pick your charm. This little guy is going to be your new best friend, so choose wisely! Once you've decided, it's time to give it a sunbath followed by a moonbath. Yes, you heard that right. Place it under the sun to soak up all that fiery energy, and then when night falls, let it bask in the moonlight. This combo supercharges your charm with all the good vibes of the universe.

Next up, light up some of that Fast Luck Incense and let your charm dance in the smoke. This isn't just for show; it's like giving your charm a pep talk in the language of scents. Dab a drop of luck oil on it to seal the deal. This is where you get personal. Hold that charm tight, close your eyes, and envision your wildest dreams coming true. Feel the joy, the excitement, the peace—whatever it is you're craving.

When it feels right, say out loud or in your heart what you want this charm to bring into your life. Be bold, be specific! Now, your talisman is charged and ready to bring some serious good fortune your way. Keep it close, wear it, or carry it in your pocket. Every time you touch it, remember the power you've infused it with and watch as the magic unfolds in your life. Who knew a little charm could pack such a punch?

Everyone needs a little extra luck now and then. If your fortune needs a little boost, this Saint Patrick's Day might just be your chance. Cleanse your home and prepare it to receive good fortune, and empower a good luck charm for yourself. You may just see your luck turn around!