Full moon ritual calendar

Full Moons of 2024: A Ritual Calendar

The passage of time and the cyclical nature of life are beautifully encapsulated in the full moons of 2024, each bringing its own story and set of traditions. The full moons serve as waypoints on our journey through the year, each moon phase a time to pause, reflect, and engage in practices that bind us to both the past and the future.

The rituals associated with these moons—from storytelling under the Wolf Moon to setting intentions under the Sturgeon Moon—highlight our eternal connection to the rhythms of the earth and the sky.

Wolf moon january

January's Wolf Moon is a time to embrace the wisdom of cycles and the lessons of endurance.

Wolf Moon - January 25

Peak Illumination: 12:54 p.m. Eastern Time

January’s Wolf Moon is a beacon in the winter's darkest stretch, rising high as nature lies hushed under a blanket of snow. It's a name steeped in the imagery of wolves who, in times long past, pierced the cold silence with their haunting nocturnal calls. This full moon carries the weight of tradition, reflecting our intrinsic ties to the wilderness around us and the instinctual aspects within ourselves.

The Wolf Moon is more than just a symbol; it's a call to embrace the wisdom of cycles and the lessons of endurance. Practicing rituals under its light, many seek to invoke the very qualities that the wolf embodies: keen intuition, fierce independence, and a strong sense of community. Whether through meditation that seeks to draw from the well of inner strength or through the shared experience of storytelling that links us to our history and to each other, this is a time for reinforcing bonds and affirming one’s path.

It’s common to find people gathered around fires, the flames flickering like the very life force that sustains us, as they share tales and aspirations. This communal warmth against the cold of January parallels the strength found in unity and common purpose. The Wolf Moon is thus a powerful moment to set intentions, not just idle wishes, but resolutions forged in the clarity of winter's night and meant to last the turning of the season.

Snow moon february

February's Snow Moon invites a series of rituals that resonate with the themes of purification and renewal.

Snow Moon - February 24

Peak Illumination: 7:30 a.m. Eastern Time

As the calendar turns to February, the Snow Moon casts its serene glow across the wintry landscape. This celestial name originates from the traditional heavy snowfalls that blanket much of the land during this month, mirroring the moon's own white luminescence. During February, the Snow Moon assumes the role of a micromoon, distinguishable by its subtle size in the night sky, a result of its orbit reaching the point farthest from Earth.

This period invites a series of rituals that resonate with the themes of purification and renewal. A walk through the crisp air under the Snow Moon's watchful eye can be a cathartic experience, the fresh snow crunching underfoot, providing a rhythmic accompaniment to contemplative thought. Alternatively, meditation becomes a sanctuary for those seeking clarity, as the snow's insulating blanket quiets the world, allowing for deeper introspection. The micromoon's delicate presence is a reminder of the gentle yet persistent passage of time and the opportunity each cycle presents to cleanse the past and embrace the potential of tomorrow.

Worm moon may

During March's Worm Moon we're encouraged to embrace change and cultivate new beginnings.

Worm Moon - March 25

Peak Illumination: 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time

As March dawns, it brings with it the Worm Moon, a symbol of the transition from winter’s embrace to the promise of spring. This moon gets its name from the earthworms that emerge as the ground thaws, signaling a return to fecundity and heralding a chorus of birdsong. It’s a period when nature itself seems to wake from slumber, offering tangible signs of life renewing once more.

Marking a point of particular significance in the calendar, the Worm Moon shines as the first full moon following the Spring Equinox, casting its glow on the early celebrations of Easter and the reawakening of the natural world. Traditionally, this time is ripe for rituals that embody growth, such as the sowing of seeds—be it in gardens awaiting summer’s bloom or within the fertile soil of the soul, nurturing aspirations and plans for the months ahead.

In this lunar phase, we're encouraged to embrace change and cultivate new beginnings. Whether by turning the soil to prepare for planting or by starting new projects, the Worm Moon serves as a luminous reminder of life’s continual cycles of ending and beginning, decay and renewal.

Pink moon april

April's Pink Moon is synonymous with the resurgence of life, and a period for engaging in rituals that honor the essence of renewal.

Pink Moon - April 23

Peak Illumination: 7:49 p.m. Eastern Time

The Pink Moon in April, a namesake of the vibrant ground phlox, announces the arrival of spring with its delicate pink blossoms. This lunar event is synonymous with the resurgence of life, and a period for engaging in rituals that honor the essence of renewal, the blossoming of love, and the celebration of beauty inherent in nature's reawakening.

In this season of revival, it's customary to indulge in personal rituals that promote affection and self-care, such as preparing a luxurious ritual bath steeped in fragrant petals, encircled by the soft glow of candlelight, crafting an ambiance of romance and care. This ritual acts as a beacon, calling forth love and tenderness, whether it's to kindle a new relationship or to deepen an existing bond. The Pink Moon is a reminder of nature's cyclical beauty and our own capacity for renewal and growth.

Flower moon may

May's Flower Moon is a celebration of renewal and radiant beauty.

Flower Moon - May 23

Peak Illumination: 9:53 a.m. Eastern Time

The Flower Moon is a celebration of renewal and radiant beauty, its name inspired by the tapestry of blossoms that adorn the world. This lunar phase invites us to express our thankfulness for nature’s lavish gifts. It is a time to bask in the vitality and fertility generously displayed by the earth, as it is clad in its spring finery.

Engaging in rituals during the Flower Moon can be a powerful way to connect with the rhythm of life. Creating a flower mandala is a meditative practice that channels our innermost thanks into a beautiful, circular offering. Each petal and stem placed in the mandala is a testament to the richness of life. Similarly, presenting flowers to bodies of water can be a poignant tribute, the petals drifting on the surface, a visual chorus of gratitude flowing into the world.

These rituals serve as reminders of the intricate balance between giving and receiving, and the Flower Moon stands as an annual prompt for us to honor the prosperity that sustains us all.

Strawberry moon june

June's Strawberry Moon is an opportune time to reflect on and savor the symbolic fruits of one’s endeavors.

Strawberry Moon - June 21

Peak Illumination: 9:08 p.m. Eastern Time

June's Strawberry Moon is a delightful herald of the brief but eagerly awaited strawberry harvest. This lunar title is a reminder to savor the ephemeral joys and to appreciate the rewards of diligence. During this phase, it is customary to gather with close ones and partake in a celebratory meal that highlights the bounty of the season—succulent strawberries taking center stage.

This moon phase is an opportune time to reflect on and savor the symbolic fruits of one’s endeavors, recognizing achievements both big and small. Beyond feasting, rituals under the Strawberry Moon may include crafting gratitude lists or sharing stories of success and abundance. It's a moment to acknowledge growth, relish in the simple pleasures, and set intentions for continued prosperity. With the Strawberry Moon's rise, it’s a call to pause, breathe in the sweet air of summer, and indulge in the richness that life has to offer.

Buck moon july

Aligned with buck deer's natural strength, rituals under the Buck Moon often draw on themes of growth and tenacity.

Buck Moon - July 21

Peak Illumination: 6:17 a.m. Eastern Time

The Buck Moon ascends in the night sky as a natural tribute to the burgeoning antlers of buck deer, a sign of vitality and renewal. It's a period when these majestic animals begin to display their new antlers, an annual cycle of regeneration that speaks to nature’s resilience and persistent march forward.

Aligned with this symbol of natural strength, rituals under the Buck Moon often draw on themes of growth and tenacity. Practitioners may engage in yoga, the flowing movements and steady poses under the glow of the moon serving as a metaphor for growing one's own "antlers" - personal attributes of strength, stability, and endurance. This can be a transformative practice, reflecting on the areas of life where one is budding and evolving, akin to the velvet antlers reaching toward the sky.

Embracing the Buck Moon’s essence, individuals might focus on their ambitions and the necessary fortitude to realize them, using this time to fortify their resolve and celebrate their progress. It's a reminder that with each cycle, there is an opportunity to start anew and push beyond the previous bounds, ever-growing, ever-resilient.

Sturgeon moon august

Celebrations of abundance that honor the Earth's bounty are one way to honor August's Sturgeon Moon.

Super Sturgeon Moon (Blue Moon) - August 19

Peak Illumination: 2:26 p.m. Eastern Time

Named after the large fish that was easily caught this time of year, the Sturgeon Moon speaks to the abundance of resources. This full moon will also illuminate our skies as both a supermoon and a blue moon—a rare event adding to its significance. The supermoon, due to its closer proximity to Earth, will appear larger and brighter, symbolizing an increased intensity of the energies and emotions typically associated with full moons. The label of a blue moon adds an element of rarity and uniqueness, as it refers to an additional full moon that appears in a season.

Since this full moon is also a supermoon and a blue moon it will amplify the customary ritual practices normally associated with the Sturgeon Moon. Celebrations of abundance, perhaps with larger gatherings or more elaborate meals that honor the Earth's bounty are one way to honor this moon. Sharing with loved ones takes on heightened importance, and setting intentions can be particularly powerful, as blue moons are often associated with setting long-term goals, and the supermoon amplifies the energies available for manifestation.

The rituals of this day might also include night-time ceremonies that take full advantage of the supermoon’s increased visibility, engaging in practices like moon-bathing or crystal charging, which could be especially potent.

Corn moon september

September's Corn Moon offers a moment to take stock of the personal milestones and growth experienced throughout the year.

Super Corn Moon (Harvest Moon ) - September 17

Peak Illumination: 10:34 p.m. Eastern Time

The Corn Moon, gracing the skies as the summer wanes, stands not only as a beacon of nourishment and readiness but also as a magnificent supermoon, enhancing its significance. Its proximity to Earth makes it appear larger and more luminous, amplifying its symbolic weight of tradition and its role as a herald of the harvest season. This heightened visibility underlines a time to gather what we need before winter's arrival, making rituals under this moon even more poignant.

These acts serve as a tribute to abundance and a testament to the labor of the months gone by, now underscored by the supermoon's brilliant glow. It's a moment to pause and take stock of the personal milestones and growth experienced throughout the year. Moreover, as a supermoon, it marks the last such phenomenon of the year, welcoming us into the fall with its unparalleled brilliance and magnitude, enriching the traditional significance of this time with even greater depth and beauty.

The enhanced brilliance of the Corn Moon offers a gentle reminder to give thanks for the yield we've reaped in our lives, to savor the fruits of our hard work, and to carry the lessons learned into the quiet introspection of the approaching winter.

This period invites reflection on both the literal and figurative harvests we've gathered, with the supermoon casting a brighter light on our achievements and the earth's bounty. In the warmth of the kitchen, stirring a pot of corn chowder or baking cornbread becomes more than just a meal—it's an act of celebrating the earth's generous provision and our own resilience, all under the watchful eye of a spectacularly bright Corn Moon, further elevating this moment as an extraordinary culmination of the supermoon series and a profound celebration of the harvest season.

Hunters moon october

The Hunter's Moon is a call to action, a reminder to prepare our homes and our lives for future times.

Super Hunter's Moon - October 17

Peak Illumination: 7:26 a.m. Eastern Time

The Hunter's Moon rises in the aftermath of the Harvest Moon, its luminance a guide in the growing darkness of the approaching winter months, magnified this year as a supermoon. Its increased brightness and proximity to Earth elevate its role from merely illuminating the night to acting as a beacon of heightened awareness and preparation.

Historically, this was the time when hunters gathered meat to sustain their communities through the leaner times ahead. Today, it can serve as an inspiring backdrop for modern practices of prudence and provision, with its amplified glow encouraging a deeper reflection on the resources we gather and share.

During the Hunter's Moon, now more brilliant and imposing as a supermoon, one might engage in a mindful clearing of one's living space, a symbolic hunt to seek out and remove what is no longer needed. The act of decluttering serves two purposes: it simplifies one’s environment, creating a peaceful haven for the cold days to come, and through donation, it can provide for those in need, echoing the moon's traditional association with communal support and sharing resources. The supermoon's enhanced visibility casts a stronger light on our actions, emphasizing the importance of preparation and generosity.

This moon phase, especially significant as a supermoon, is a call to action, a reminder to prepare not just our homes but also our lives for future times. It’s an invitation to take stock, to fortify and renew our intentions, and to face the coming winter not with trepidation, but with the calm readiness that the Hunter's Moon, in its superb brilliance, inspires.

Beaver moon november

Engaging in self-care rituals under November's Beaver Moon can be profoundly beneficial.

Super Beaver Moon - November 15

Peak Illumination: 4:28 p.m. Eastern Time

The Beaver Moon, named for the period when beaver traps were set before swamps froze over, symbolizes the urgency of preparing for winter's arrival. This full moon encourages us to secure our needs for the colder months ahead, further amplified by its status as a super moon. The supermoon's enhanced brightness and closer proximity to Earth magnify this message, shining a stronger light on the necessity of preparation, not just physical but also emotional and spiritual.

Engaging in self-care rituals under the Beaver Moon, especially when it is a super moon, can be profoundly beneficial. The intensified luminance of the supermoon can heighten our focus and the effectiveness of such activities. Crafting provides a creative outlet and a means to create warmth and beauty in our surroundings, offering not just physical warmth but also the emotional warmth of accomplishment and creativity. Journaling, recommended for its mental health benefits, becomes even more powerful under the supermoon’s glow, allowing for deeper reflection and the processing of emotions, aiding in the building of emotional resilience.

Such practices under the Beaver Moon, particularly as a super moon, serve as a reminder of the importance of having both the emotional and physical reserves necessary to navigate the challenges of winter. Whether it’s through the physical act of crafting, which can add comfort and joy to our homes, or the introspective practice of journaling, which clears our minds and soothes our spirits, the rituals of the Beaver Moon, amplified by the supermoon’s energy, guide us toward inner strength and readiness for the winter season. The supermoon’s intensified presence reinforces the significance of this time, urging us to embrace preparation and self-care with heightened awareness and dedication.

Cold moon december

December's Cold Moon is a time for introspection and for looking into the hidden parts of oneself.

Cold Moon - December 15

Peak Illumination: 4:02 a.m. Eastern Time

The Cold Moon, prominent in December's night sky, derives its name from the onset of winter's frost and the lengthening nights. In many traditions, this lunar event is a time to reflect on the past year and to let go of old patterns or regrets that may weigh on the spirit. Engaging in a ritual during the Cold Moon serves as a powerful metaphor for ending the cycle and embracing renewal.

To partake in such a ritual, you might write down aspects of your life you wish to transform or release. This could include habits, thoughts, or relationships that no longer serve your well-being. Once these have been committed to paper, the act of burning the list under the Cold Moon is symbolic. It's an act of purification and an affirmation of change. As the flames consume the paper, they can be seen as transforming the old energies, making way for fresh starts and new opportunities in the upcoming year. Such practices can serve as a cathartic release, helping to clear the mind and heart for what the future holds.

The symbolism ties into the broader concept that the Cold Moon is a time for introspection, looking into the hidden parts of oneself, akin to the natural world retreating into stillness and conservation during the winter months.

As the year comes full circle with the Cold Moon of December, we find ourselves looking back on the journey, considering the paths we've taken and the growth we've experienced. This final moon of the year invites us to shed the layers that no longer serve us and to emerge renewed, ready to face the new year with a light heart and a clear mind. The full moons of 2024 remind us of the continuous thread that runs through our lives, connecting each moment to the next, each ritual to the last, as we move through time and the endless cycle of renewal.