Taking a spiritual ritual bath

Getting Exactly What You Want with Spiritual Baths

Spiritual bathing is one of the best ways to bring yourself and your aura in line with your goals. You fill the tub with your intention, step into the bath, and immerse yourself in herbs and oils aligned with what you want to achieve. No matter how you set up your bath -- whether with fresh herbs, or a prepared solution -- soaking and meditating spiritually readies you to draw in what you seek.

Love and Attraction Baths

In many traditions, the best time for a bath for love is on a Friday during a waxing moon. If you like, you can "grid" your bath by placing love drawing stones (rose quartz chunks or tumble stones work especially well) at each corner of the edge of your tub. Fill the tub with clean water at a comfortable temperature, and add your love-drawing ingredients. If you are unable to prepare a bath yourself, you can use a powerful pre-made mixture like Patchouli or Love Bath & Floor Wash, a sachet of Love Herb Bath, a Love Drawing Bath Bomb, or Love Bath Salts.

If you can prepare your own bath, consider adding ingredients like fresh milk, honey, and love-drawing herbs. One favorite recipe uses fresh or dried rose petals, damiana leaves, and chickweed. Jasmine flowers and wood betony also draw love, cleavers can help make a lover "cleave" to you, and basil is just as good at attracting a new lover as it is at getting rid of an old one. After adding your ingredients, stir the bath in a clockwise direction with your dominant hand.

Uncrossing Baths

For a really effective way to relieve yourself of a hex, jinx, or any crossed condition, combine a bath with candle magic. If you can, work this on a waning or dark moon. If you cannot, that is okay -- crossed conditions usually will not wait! An Uncrossing Hood Doo Pillar Candle or Uncrossing 7 Day Prayer Candle anointed with a little Uncrossing Oil is an effective way to burn away negative energy while you bathe. For the bath itself, add some Uncrossing Bath Salt, Herb Bath, or Bath & Floor Wash.

If you want to make your own, start with a base of cleansing sea salt. Rue makes for an excellent uncrossing bath, as does rosemary. Unlike the love bath, stir this one counterclockwise before stepping in. After the bath, finish by anointing yourself with a little Uncrossing Perfume.

Baths for Protection

Taking a spiritual bath is one of -- if not the absolute -- best way to fortify your aura against negative energies. This bath is great for a full moon, though you can also do it any time you need a little extra help in a pinch. Place black tourmaline chunks or tumble stones around your bath, either alone, with some clear quartz points (make sure the tips face inward, toward the tub) or along with any other protective crystals or curios you like. To the water, add some Go Away Evil Bath Salt, a Bath Bomb, or Bath & Floor Wash to drive evil influences away and make sure they stay gone.

If you want to prepare your own, rattlesnake root is great at keeping away those who want to harm you. Rosemary and caraway seed are good for general spiritual protection, bay leaves ward off evil, and fennel can save you from legal troubles.

Money Drawing Baths

Waiting for a paycheck? Ready to hit the casino? Be sure to take a money drawing bath first! Waxing moons and Thursday mornings are the best times for these, as they help increase things. Place aventurine or jade around your tube, paired with quartz points (again, with the points facing inward). To the water, add Money Drawing Bath Salt, Herb Bath, a Bath Bomb, or Bath & Floor Wash.

To prepare your own, use honey -- it is just as good for drawing money as it is for love. Mint and basil are great money herbs, and one easy-to-follow recipe uses equal parts chamomile, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. Mix the ingredients in a clockwise direction, as you visualize your bank account growing more and more every day.

Spiritual baths are one of the simplest -- yet most powerful -- magical techniques. You can combine them with candles, incense, and any other tools you choose, to help add power to your rituals and focus your intention to bring you exactly what you desire.