Llewellyns 2024 moon sign book

Llewellyn's 2024 Moon Sign Book

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Since 1905, Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book has stood as an indispensable tool for astrologers, gardeners, and the wider public. It streamlines the task of crafting a prosperous year by providing lunar advice for planting and harvesting, daily activity suggestions, and effective timing techniques for a range of life occasions.


Since 1905, this bestselling almanac has been a must-have resource for astrologers, gardeners, and the general public alike. Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book simplifies the process of planning a successful year by offering lunar guidance for planting and harvesting, daily activity recommendations, and timing strategies for various life events.

Within this almanac, you'll find void-of-course charts, forecasts for weather and the economy, aspectarian tables, and a diverse selection of insightful articles. Its content covers topics such as lunar mansions, eclipses, the benefits of superfoods for both body and mind, seed-gathering techniques, ways to coexist harmoniously with invertebrate creatures, and more. Bursting with numerous tips on crafting, maintaining health and home, and fostering a strong connection with animals, this book empowers you to tap into the energy of the Moon whenever the need arises.