Blue super sturgeon moon

Embrace the Power of the Blue Supermoon

In the vast tapestry of the cosmos, certain alignments stand out, not just for their celestial beauty but also for their profound spiritual implications. One such unique event is the rare convergence of the Blue Moon and Supermoon. This conjunction, which will happen on August 30, 2023, doesn't just signify an astronomical rarity; it's a powerful reminder of the universe's mysteries and the deeper meanings embedded within them.

These moments in time, so charged with spiritual energy, are perfect catalysts for transformative personal and communal experiences, offering us windows to engage in rituals that resonate with our soul and the collective consciousness.

As you immerse in this lunar magic, don't be surprised if waves of inspiration, reflection, or deep emotions wash over you. The "Blue Supermoon" isn't just a visual delight—it's a soulful guide, poised to illuminate our spiritual path and inner evolution.

The Blue and Super Moon Convergence

In the cosmic ballet of the heavens, there occasionally comes a dance of celestial bodies that converge to create a profound spiritual moment. The melding of the Blue Moon and Supermoon is one such rare alignment, offering a deep reservoir of meaning.

What Is a Blue Moon?

The term "Blue Moon" refers to those unique times when two full moons grace the skies within a single calendar month. On rarer occasions, it's the third of four full moons in a single season.

The phrase "once in a blue moon" originates from old English folklore, indicating the rarity of an event. This saying is believed to date back to the 16th century and reflects the infrequency of experiencing two full moons in a single calendar month. Cultures around the world have long seen the Blue Moon as a time of reflection, signifying a moment to pause, reassess, and prepare for the unexpected.

Such an event isn't just about the frequency of lunar displays; it carries a spiritual undertone of rarity, suggesting that the unexpected can emerge, and new opportunities might just be on the horizon.

What Is a Supermoon?

The Supermoon is a phase where our lunar companion approaches the closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit. This proximity doesn't just make the moon more visually arresting, appearing both larger and brighter, but it also brings with it a potent energy that resonates on deeper emotional and spiritual levels. It’s as if the universe, through this amplified lunar glow, is nudging us to feel more intensely and connect more authentically with our spiritual selves.

From ancient druids to the stargazing tribes of the Americas, a Supermoon has been perceived as a harbinger of amplified energies. Many believed the closer proximity of the moon brought heightened emotional and spiritual experiences. Native American tribes, for instance, often saw the Supermoon as a signal for communal gatherings and dances, bringing tribes together in unity under its potent glow.

In essence, this rare convergence of the Blue and Super Moons offers a celestial symphony that speaks to the heart and soul, urging introspection, gratitude, and spiritual awakening.

Pisces Boosts Astrological Energies

This Super Blue Moon will also be in the astrological sign of Pisces. Pisces, a water sign, is associated with mysticism, intuition, and deep emotional connection. Full moons are traditionally regarded as periods of illumination, where secrets or hidden truths come to light. With the Blue Supermoon being in Pisces, this can amplify intuitive abilities, spiritual insights, and dreamlike experiences.

Full moon in pisces

With the Blue Supermoon being in Pisces, this can amplify intuitive abilities, spiritual insights, and dreamlike experiences.

Rituals for the Blue Supermoon

The upcoming celestial spectacle on August 30th, 2023, is not just a marvel to behold. It brings together the energies of the Blue Moon and Supermoon in a rare alignment. To connect deeply with these energies, one can engage in rituals that resonate with each moon's unique significance. Let’s dive into a few of them.

Intention Setting Ceremony

Begin this powerful ritual by lighting a blue candle to represent the rarity of the Blue Moon and a silver or white candle to embody the Super Moon's amplified energies. On a piece of parchment or sacred paper, scribe a unique opportunity you wish to attract or a potent intention you desire to manifest. As you write, anoint the paper's edges with sandalwood oil, known for its purifying and manifesting properties. Once your intention is set, safely burn the paper in a cauldron or fireproof dish, allowing the combined fragrances of the candles and sandalwood to fortify your desires. As the flames consume your written words, visualize them being transformed into ethereal messages, ascending to the universe.

Moon Water Creation

Select a clear jar or bowl and fill it with purified water. Place this vessel outside or on a windowsill to capture the radiant glow of the combined moons. As the water charges, add a few drops of jasmine oil, enhancing its lunar-attracting properties. The next day, use this spiritually-infused water for various rituals, anointing, or even consumption, allowing the essence of the Blue and Super Moon to remain with you.

Crystal Charging

Moonstone, known for its lunar resonance, and selenite, which is reputed for spiritual clarity, are excellent choices for this ritual. Lay these crystals on a cloth outside under the combined moonlight. Light frankincense incense nearby, allowing its smoke to dance over the stones, further empowering their energies. Once charged, these crystals can act as talismans, amplifying your intuitive abilities and spiritual connections throughout the coming month.

Moon Bathing Meditation

Find a serene outdoor spot bathed in moonlight. As you sit or recline, light a white candle or silver candle, its flame symbolizing the moon's radiant energy. Close your eyes and take deep, calming breaths, inhaling the soothing scent of lavender incense known for relaxation and spiritual connection. Imagine the moon's luminous energies enveloping and cleansing your aura, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Gratitude Ritual

In the soft glow of a candle—preferably anointed with some rose oil for its heart-opening properties—reflect upon the unique blessings in your life. On individual slips of paper, jot down everything you're grateful for. Tuck these tokens of gratitude into a jar or bowl filled with rose petals or chamomile flowers, both potent for gratitude rituals. Revisit these notes in times of uncertainty to harness the moon's comforting energy.


Prepare your sleeping space by sprinkling a few drops of clary sage oil on your pillow, known to induce vivid and prophetic dreams. Before drifting into sleep, light a dream-enhancing lavender incense, setting a clear intention to receive guidance from the astral realm. Keep a leather-bound journal nearby, recording any nocturnal insights upon waking.

Circle of Release

Gather like-minded individuals to form a circle under the combined moonlight. Holding a rosemary or sage bundle—both revered for their cleansing properties—allows each participant to express and release burdens or regrets into its smoke. To close this collective ritual, ignite a few candles anointed with eucalyptus oil, their aroma signifying fresh starts and rejuvenation, ensuring each participant leaves the circle feeling lighter and more aligned.

Remember, rituals gain potency from the intention behind them. Allow your inner guidance to lead the way, making adjustments as you see fit. The cosmos is ever-changing, and so too can our practices be fluid and evolving.

Embracing The Lunar Symphony

The extraordinary convergence of the Blue and Super Moons on August 30th, 2023, isn't merely an astronomical phenomenon. It is a celestial invitation to explore deeper realms of our soul and connect with the universe's intricate rhythms. Each of these moons carries a unique spiritual resonance, and together, they weave a narrative of reflection, abundance, and amplified energies, especially under the mystical influence of Pisces. By partaking in rituals attuned to these cosmic energies, we don't just observe the sky's beauty; we actively engage in a dance of spiritual growth, gratitude, and introspection. As we stand at this cosmic crossroads, let us remember the timeless wisdom and energies these moons impart, harnessing them to illuminate our path and nurture our inner evolution.