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Spirit Oil

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Our specially crafted Spirit oil can be used to invoke divine connection to the spirit world. Use to awaken your inner light and call upon the wisdom of your ancestors and spirit guides.
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Use our Spirit Oil to connect with spirits, ancestors and guides. This powerful oil is especially effective in helping to communicate with those who have passed away.

Spirit oil can offer protection and guidance along your path. It can help you stay grounded, connect with your inner self, and foster a sense of peace and mindfulness.

Anoint your sacred space or amulets with this oil to call upon the wisdom and protection of higher forces, creating a shield of light around you.

Gently anoint your skin to usher in a sense of serenity and elevation. As the oil touches your being, it invites the divine to dwell within you, awakening your inner light and wisdom.

  • Available in 6 sizes

Prayer To Connect With Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

Dear Universal Spirit,

I come before you with an open heart and a humble spirit, seeking a connection with those who have passed away. I believe in the eternal nature of the soul, and I trust that love transcends the boundaries of life and death.

I ask for your guidance and assistance in reaching out to [Names of Loved Ones], who have left this earthly plane and now reside in the world beyond. Please help me bridge the gap between our realms so that I may communicate with them.

Grant me the strength and clarity of mind to recognize the signs, messages, and signals they may send. Open my heart and intuition to perceive their presence in my life. Let me feel their love, wisdom, and guidance in the moments of stillness and reflection.

I understand that communication with the departed is a sacred and delicate process, and I approach it with the utmost respect and reverence. I seek only messages of love, healing, and guidance that are for the highest good of all.

[Names of Loved Ones], if you are able and willing, please make your presence known to me. You are dearly missed, and your love continues to bless my life in profound ways. I am grateful for the time we shared on Earth, and I long to feel your spiritual presence once again.

I trust in the divine order of the universe and the eternal connection that binds us all. Thank you for your love, your wisdom, and the continued presence of your spirit in my life.