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Palo Santo Angel

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The Palo Santo Angel is a hand-carved, sustainably sourced wooden angel for spiritual cleansing and purifying. Its sweet aroma and angelic shape symbolize peace, love, and protection, making it a meaningful tool for personal meditation or space purification.

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The Palo Santo Angel is a beautiful and meaningful addition to your spiritual toolkit. Hand carved from sustainably sourced Palo Santo wood, this angel is both a work of art and a powerful tool for purifying and cleansing your space. Palo Santo, also known as "holy wood," has been used for centuries in South American spiritual practices for its uplifting and grounding properties. The natural oils in the wood release a sweet, woodsy aroma when burned, perfect for creating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. The angelic shape of the Palo Santo Angel makes it a wonderful symbol of peace, love, and protection, and it's a great way to bring a touch of the divine into your home. Whether you're using it for personal meditation or to purify your space, the Palo Santo Angel is a beautiful and meaningful tool for your spiritual practice.

  • 2" Tall