Ways increase manifestation powers

6 Ways to Increase Manifestation Powers

Your manifestation powers are your ability to create and attract the things you want. When these powers are weak, you may find yourself struggling with the wrong relationships, jobs, or homes, and feeling envious of people who have the life you wish you did. When they are strong, you are able to bring in all of the blessings you desire and things just seem to go your way.

Fortunately, your manifestation powers are not static. They can change over time. When you are stressed or sad, they may temporarily weaken. When you work to increase them, they grow stronger. Here are six simple ways you can increase your ability to manifest the life you want:

1. Figure out what lights you up.

The first step to improving your manifestation is to figure out what you want. This is more challenging than it sounds -- many people go through life doing what is expected of them, following the steps they believe will make them successful in the eyes of their families and society. Unfortunately, living under other people's expectations is no way to manifest happiness.

Perform a simple ritual for yourself. Clear some time in your day, and sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Dress a yellow candle with a few drops of orange oil. (Orange oil is a potent boost for joy and creativity.) Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and light the candle. As it burns, imagine every aspect of your ideal life -- your home, relationships, job, even the food you would eat and clothes you would wear. Feel for what ideas make you the most excited, and write them down. This will help you find and do things that will bring you closer in harmony with your ideal, exciting, creative life. Save this list, and return to it when you need to set intentions.

2. Create space for relaxation and blessings.

Stress lowers your manifestation power in the same way that obstacles and negative energy block blessings from coming to you. Create time each day to meditate for relaxation. Visualize roots reaching from your seat bones and extending into the center of the earth. Breathe in earth energy up through these roots, and exhale your tension and nervous energy down. This will help re-calibrate your energy field.

Incense can help deepen your meditation. If you choose the right herbs, they can also clear away negative energy that might be hampering your meditation. Frankincense and myrrh, sandalwood, and lavender are all scents traditionally used to calm the mind, enhance meditation, and clear negativity.

3. Work with the right crystals.

Many guides to manifestation talk about the virtues of crystals that enhance creativity and raise vibrations, but they ignore one important aspect: grounding. Grounding is what roots energy into the physical plane. It is also what keeps you connected to the real world, where manifestation takes place.

Clear quartz is great for amplifying your intentions and energy. Citrine is known as one of, if not the, best stone for manifestation. Do not neglect grounding stones like onyx or black tourmaline for anchoring all of this amplified energy.

4. Set strong intentions.

What makes an intention strong? It depends on how actionable it is. You can set the intention to become a multi-millionaire, but it will not be a very strong one. If you set the intention to become a multi-millionaire by getting an education and opening your own business, it will be stronger. Remember, an intention is more than just what you want. A real, strong intention also includes how you expect to get it. If you want the universe to send blessings to you, make sure it has a map!

5. Shift your energy.

It is impossible to avoid all of life's misfortunes. Things will inevitably drag you down now and then. Misfortune is not a sign that you have done something wrong, or somehow attracted bad things to yourself. The power is not in never being unhappy, it is in how you respond to this unhappiness.

Shifting your energy involves doing things that raise your vibration over the long-term, rather than just self-soothe over the short term. If you are stressed out, meditation can help you relax and clear your energy field, but going to the mall and spending money you do not have for a temporary endorphin boost will not. If you are envious of someone, introspecting on what aspects of their life inspire this envy and how you can attract them into your own life will improve your manifestation ability, but gossiping about them will not. Your words and actions are powerful. Use their power to help yourself.

6. Create an altar for your intentions.

Some people make vision boards, but, once the board is done, they do not know what to do next. An intention altar is an alternative. It is a focus that you can return to to keep the energy of your intentions fresh. It does not have to be a large, elaborate altar, either. Choose a place in your home that you will see every day. Set it with a cloth in a bright color that inspires you. Place a white candle and an incense holder or bowl. Keep a list of your intentions, a vision board, crystals, or other objects related to your desire in the center. Return to your altar often to light the candle, read your intentions, meditate, and burn incense.

Increasing your manifestation power can bring you the life you desire. If you find that you have a hard time attracting the things you want in life, these tips can help bring you closer to your ideal existence.