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4 Magical Ways to Rekindle Passion and Romance

It is not easy to keep the romance alive. Even if you are a patient, gentle, attentive, passionate lover, it is very easy for two people to just grow apart over time. You can try counseling, romantic getaways, or carefully planned date nights -- but what do you do if they do not make a difference? That is when you turn to romance rekindling spells and rituals.

For best results, time these spells with the moon. Try to do them when the moon is in its waxing phase. As the moon grows, so will your love and connection.

1. Turn your home into a magical love nest.

If you and your partner live together, you may want to start rekindling the spark between you by working on your home. Clutter and awkward furniture placements keep energy stagnant. If the love does not seem to be flowing, it is time to shake up the stagnant areas of your home.

Start by physically cleaning and decluttering. Next, mop your floors from front to back with Strong Love Bath & Floor Wash.

While your floors dry, ready your bedroom. Write your and your lover's names on a petition paper, fold it up, and place it underneath a Love Healing candle. As you light it, say...

Let love return, and passion's flame burn bright.
I reignite my romance tonight!

You may also wish to place a dish of rose petals, jasmine flowers, patchouli, or your favorite love herbs on your nightstand. Add a few drops of Love Drops oil. Place a charged rose quartz heart in the bowl for a powerful love and aphrodisiac charm.

2. Perform a romance-empowering bath spell.

If you do not live with your partner, you may wish to use magic to make yourself irresistible. Start by taking a bath with Hummingbird soap. As you wash, imagine your entire body soaking up passion and adoration. Visualize you and your partner connecting more strongly than you ever have before.

Step out of the bath and allow the air to dry your skin. When you are ready, sprinkle yourself with a little Irresistible sachet powder, and anoint your neck, wrists, and area over your heart with Chuparrosa perfume.

Before leaving the house, stand before your front door. Close your eyes, and picture your aura as a bubble of pink light. This light protects you against all negativity, and only love may cross it. Picture yourself as a magnet for your partner's attention - you will be utterly captivating. Step out feeling confident and irresistible!

3. A romance candle spell.

Fire represents passion, so a candle spell is excellent for enhancing romance. After all, they do not call it "rekindling" for nothing! Start by carving the names of you and your partner into the base of a red Hugging Lovers candle. Next, take some Fire of Love sachet powder and rub it into the carving, to make the letters stand out. Anoint the candle with Fire of Love oil, rubbing it into the wax in a clockwise direction. As you rub the oil in, picture you and your partner in a passionate embrace. Say...

What romance was gone, now reignites.
Summon the spark of passion with this light.

Light the candle. Say...

By powder and oil, wax and flame,
Make our hearts burn for each other again.

Allow the candle to burn away completely. Dispose of the remnants by burying them near your front door, or wrap them in red fabric and place them under your mattress.

4. A romance honey jar.

Honey jars or sweetening jars are one of the best (and easiest) ways to "sweeten" someone towards you. Even if you and your partner get along already, a sweetening jar can help attract romance back into your life.

You will need a clean jar with a lid, a red candle, and any or all of the following:

Start by adding the ingredients to the jar, one by one. As you place each ingredient in, say what you want it to do. For example, "Rose petals, reawaken love in my partner's heart. Jasmine, rekindle the passion between me and my lover," and so forth. When you have added all of your ingredients, take the jar in both hands. Visualize it filling with a warm, loving light. Say...

With herbs and stones and honey sweet,
I call my lover to rekindle passion's heat.

Add enough honey or sugar syrup to fill the jar. Top it off with six drops of the oil, and place the lid on securely. Light the red candle, and say...

Candle bright, and candle burning,
Restore to me my lover's yearning.

Hold the candle and allow the red wax to drip on the jar's lid. When it feels ready, snuff the candle. Keep the honey jar somewhere safe, where your partner cannot find it.

Shakespeare said that "the course of true love never did run smooth," and it is true. Every partnership will have its ups and downs. Help rekindle the romance and turn your "downs" into "ups" by drawing loving energy into your home, capturing your partner's attention, and sweetening them toward you.