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Love Healing Hand Carved Candle

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Journey into the realm of heart-centered healing and unconditional love with our custom Love Healing Hand Carved Candle. Crafted with precision and intention, this exquisite candle is a vessel of compassion and nurturing energy.

Names and/or Dates To Be Carved On Candle There is limited space, so keep what you want carved on this candle to less than 25 characters.
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Our spiritualist will say a prayer over your candle, light it, and place it on our altar. You will receive one photo of your lit candle via email. NOTE: It may take 7-10 days to receive your photo, so please be patient.
Let our spiritualist pray over and bless your candle, amulet, talisman, or jewelry item.

Our Love Healing Hand Carved Candle is a sacred tool for facilitating emotional and spiritual healing. Whether you seek solace from past wounds, wish to mend relationships, or simply want to open your heart to self-love, this candle is your compassionate guide. With this candle, uncross the obstacles you face in your relationship and watch it bloom like a new flower.

Each and every one of our hand-carved candles are charged with special oils and various ingredients to help you ignite your wishes and command your desires. Comes with detailed instructions for burning.


A Love Healing Prayer

Dear Divine Source of Love and Healing,

I stand before you with a heart that carries wounds, pain, and longing. I seek your compassionate presence to guide me on a journey of love's healing and restoration.

Grant me the strength to face the wounds of my heart, to acknowledge the pain I carry, and to release it with the gentle touch of your love. Help me understand that healing begins within, and that self-love is the foundation of all love.

I open my heart to the transformative power of love, both to receive and to give. Heal the scars of past relationships and mend the broken pieces of my soul. May your love permeate every corner of my being, soothing my hurts, and replacing them with the balm of forgiveness and compassion.

I pray for the mending of relationships, for those connections that have suffered, and for those that hold the potential for deepening love. Grant me the wisdom to communicate with empathy and understanding, to bridge the gaps, and to nurture the bonds that are precious to me.

Help me release any fear, doubt, or resistance that blocks the flow of love. Infuse my heart with the courage to trust in the process of healing, to let go of the past, and to embrace the beauty of the present moment.

May I learn to love myself unconditionally, recognizing my worth and embracing my imperfections. For in self-love, I find the strength to love others with authenticity and grace.

As I journey towards love's healing, surround me with your loving energy, guiding me toward emotional renewal, and spiritual growth. Let love be the driving force in my life, radiating its transformative light into every aspect of my being.

I am grateful for your presence in my life, dear Divine Source, and for the love that heals, nurtures, and restores. With an open heart and a willingness to heal, I trust in your guidance on this path of love's profound healing.