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18 Must Have Gemstones for Spiritual Growth

Attaining spiritual wisdom is never easy, but calling on guides and allies can help smooth your path to growth. Some people rely on herbal allies, some prefer gemstones and crystals. Gemstones and crystals are a gentle, yet powerful way to increase spiritual awareness. Here are eighteen gemstones that will help you on your spiritual journey and bring you closer to enlightenment.

Amazonite For Healing

Amazonite has centuries of tradition as a healing stone behind it. It is an excellent energy filter, calms energies inside and outside the body, and balances masculine and feminine powers.

Since it is such an effective filter, it is excellent for helping to clear muddled thoughts and confusion. It focuses on creativity and instills calm, quiet confidence in the user.

Amber For Courage

This stone is referred to as the Stone of Courage and is sometimes called the Soul of the Tiger. Amber is the ultimate road clearer! It gives us courage and strength to set boundaries in our lives and ask for what we truly want from others.

Amber balances emotions gives us empowering vibes, and helps dissolve the negative energy we sometimes carry around. If you are feeling down or anxious, carry amber with you to alleviate stress and give you a boost of energy.

Amber is excellent for alleviating stress, depression, or anxiety, and increasing overall vitality and energy levels. Wear an amber bracelet to get rid of your fears and help you develop more patience. It's excellent at getting rid of headaches, clearing your mind, and filling it with positive thoughts.

Amethyst To Eliminate Anxiety

This variant of quartz was once used to prevent drunkenness -- hence its name, which means "not intoxicating." Though it is a relatively common gemstone, amethyst is one of the crystals most prized by healers and magic practitioners alike.

Amethyst is a very protective stone, particularly against anxiety and negative thoughts. It is often used in meditation, to help facilitate feelings of calm, open the crown chakra, aid divination and psychic pursuits, and strengthen intuition while opening the mind and heart to messages from the divine. Place a cluster on your altar or wear an amethyst necklace or bracelet whenever you need to experience inner peace, cleanse and heal your aura, or tap into your divination skills.

Amethyst stone healing

Amethyst is a very protective stone, particularly against anxiety and negative thoughts.

Black Onyx For Intuition and Peace

Soothe yourself with black onyx. This gem helps release negative feelings, people, and situations from your life while bringing you balance and peace.

If you need to work on your intuition, carry black onyx with you during meditations and rituals. It will strengthen your intuitive powers while also protecting you from the evil eye.

Wearing a black onyx bracelet will give you access to the powers of this amazing stone. Powers like focus, positivity, intuition, and clarity. It's also perfect for those who need to change a bad habit or for making quick decisions with confidence.

Black Tourmaline For Cleansing

If you suffer from anxiety, you need black tourmaline. By carrying this stone, you will feel instantly calm and relaxed during stressful situations.

Black tourmaline is a must-have for cleansing. It's also one of the best stones to help against toxic energy, energy vampires, and drama! This stone has earth energy so it's very grounding. If you feel scattered or "in your head", work with black tourmaline to help bring peace and healing vibes to you.

Wear black tourmaline necklace to balance and protect all of your chakras: the energy centers of your body. This powerful stone will help transform heavy energy into light and open energy which aids in total body healing.

Bloodstone For Clarity

This green and red stone is also sometimes known as heliotrope. Legend has it that blood from the Crucifixion of Jesus dripped onto green bloodstones, giving them their red spots.

This gemstone strengthens the aura, balances the chakras, and stimulates courage, confidence, and energy. Like the blood in your veins, bloodstone gets energy flowing. Carrying it helps shift energy blocks and clear old thought patterns.

Carnelian For Confidence

Courage, creativity, and confidence are what carnelian can bring into your life. This amazing stone will help you become more bold and more expressive in business, personal life, and even in the bedroom.

Carnelian helps you face your fears head-on so you can become more confident. Hold carnelian stone if you have to speak in front of crowds, have to perform, have an interview, or any time you need a boost in self-confidence and creativity.

Carnelian also helps you overcome abuse of any kind. It helps protect you from envy, rage, and resentment and helps calm anger.

Red carnelian healing crystal

Courage, creativity, and confidence are what carnelian can bring into your life.

Citrine For Success

This sunny yellow quartz is one of the most positive, uplifting stones there is. Its bright color connects it to the sun and solar deities, and all of the things they represent -- prosperity, joy, courage, and much, much more.

Those who wish to manifest success and abundance in life should wear or carry citrine. It also combines well with other crystals for boosting willpower and motivation.

Wearing a citrine bracelet can even help with low moods. This crystal suffuses the aura with cheerful, uplifting vibrations. It is also very beneficial for those who lack self-confidence, by unblocking the solar plexus chakra.

Desert Rose For Meditation

A desert rose is a combination of selenite and barite that naturally forms in a many-petaled flower pattern, instead of selenite's usual silvery-white rods.

Much like the wind removes the sand from these stones, leaving their petals behind, desert roses are excellent at helping us cut through distractions and thought patterns that do not serve us. It is very helpful for eliminating distractions and deepening meditative states. According to some users, desert rose stones house their own spirit guardians, making them excellent stones to carry for protection.

Fire Agate For Strength

These fiery stones are full of very potent energy. They are strongly protective, sending negative energy back to their source and repelling psychic vampires.

Fire agates help promote vitality and strength. Spiritually, they stimulate inspiration while keeping us grounded in reality. It is associated with the first chakra and helps us feel safe and confident while we pursue spiritual growth.

Hematite For Grounding and Balance

Not to be confused with bloodstone, hematite literally translates to "blood stone." It is associated with Mars, and, as such, is tied to physical and mental strength.

If you have deep-seated wounds that need to be resolved, hematite can help them come to the surface for healing. It is also very grounding and balancing. If you are dealing with stress, wearing hematite can help keep negativity at bay. Though it is a stone of strength that is tied to the Roman god of war, it is a very nurturing, healing gem.

Jade tumbled stone

Carry or wear jade for emotional release, to attract good luck, and to create new relationships.

Jade For Good Luck

Associated with the heart chakra, jade helps increase love for others and yourself. On a mental level, jade helps release negative thoughts and helps soothe the mind.

Carry or wear jade for emotional release, to attract good luck, and to create new relationships. On a spiritual level, jade helps you to become the best version of yourself. It helps awaken knowledge you didn't even know you had and creates a stronger connection to the spirit.

Jade is also used for attracting money and prosperity.

Lapis Lazuli For Self-Expression

Connect with your inner spirit with lapis lazuli. This stone helps you uncover your deepest desires by tapping into your intuition. It brings awareness to ideas that you might not have been aware of.

Meditate with lapis lazuli on your forehead to awaken your purpose in life. This crystal helps to bring you the answers during difficult times by strengthening your third eye. By doing this, you'll be able to "see" more clearly and make better decisions.

Wear a lapis necklace to activate your throat and heart chakra so you can effectively express yourself while giving out and taking in love. It can also boost confidence and courage.

Malachite For Transformation

Also known as the transformation stone, malachite helps with spiritual change. This stone can help break patterns that keep you from growth and helps you deal with feelings you once kept hidden. Placed on your forehead, malachite can help strengthen psychic vision.

If you suffer from depression and anxiety, malachite can help. Hold malachite for grounding energies, for strength to deal with emotional abuse, and to overcome fears.

Malachite can also help to cleanse you of your own negative thoughts and help you bring your visions to life!

Moonstone To Increase Psychic Gifts

This shiny, often silvery stone is connected to the moon. It is a symbol of fertility and emotional balance and is strongly tied to intuition and psychic abilities. (Many diviners keep a moonstone with their divination tools.)

Moonstone helps sharpen intuition and hone psychic gifts. It is also excellent at shedding negative emotions and restoring balance to the mind, body, and spirit. It helps foster adaptability, empowering us to "go with the flow."

Snowflake Obsidian For Peace and Balance

Snowflake obsidian acts as a wise teacher, helping you understand that there's value to your mistakes. This gemstone helps you release negative thinking and thought patterns that keep you feeling stuck. It's the perfect stone when dealing with past lives and helps heal karmic patterns.

Calming and soothing, snowflake obsidian brings peace and balance to your mind, body, and spirit. It's a very cleansing stone that helps heal feelings of anger and fear. Snowflake obsidian will protect from negative energies and help release energy blocks.

Sodalite gemstone

Sodalite helps clear mental confusion and helps release old patterns.

Sodalite For Mental Clarity

Sodalite acts as a shield, protecting us from negative energy while bringing us peace and calmness.

This stone helps bring you empowerment, confidence and boosts self-esteem. Use sodalite in rituals to get a better understanding of your deeper self and your internal wisdom. It helps expand your spiritual awareness while deepening meditation.

Sodalite helps clear mental confusion and helps release old patterns. It can help transform fears, guilt and whatever is holding you back so you can experience self-acceptance and trust.

White Calcite For Spiritual Growth

White calcite amplifies and cleanses energy. Placing white calcite in a room will clean the negative energy while increasing the positive energy.

White calcite can speed up spiritual development and growth. It promotes spiritual growth and can also help you develop your psychic talents!

It's perfect for those who lost motivation and feel lazy as it increases positive emotions and boosts mood. If you have trouble studying or staying focused, calcite will help.

Gemstones are a simple, but powerful, addition to your spells, rituals, and meditation sessions. Their vibrations are subtle and powerful, helping you to reach new heights of joy, peace, and spiritual elevation. By adding gemstones to your rituals and spells, you can advance your spiritual growth in a gentle, yet powerful way!