How to use jade money drawing

Using Jade to Attract Money and Prosperity

Jade is renowned as a stone for money. The most common color of jade is green, to the point that the word "jade" is often used as a synonym for a shade of green. According to color magic, this ties it to growth, abundance, and prosperity. Historically, jade has also been considered a precious, energy-elevating stone for use in jewelry and carvings. Using jade to attract wealth is relatively simple. There are many different spells and rituals that incorporate this beautiful gem.

Lucky Jade Knot Spell

Knot spells are a way to store magic for when it is needed. This spell uses knot magic to hold money-drawing luck for when it is most needed. You will need:

On a Thursday, preferably during a waxing moon, set the objects in front of you. Place the incense in a suitable holder, and light it. Take the cord in your hand, and say...

With this knot, my magic is set.

Tie another knot, saying...

With this knot, money comes to me.

After you tie it, visualize energy flowing through you, into the knot. Anoint it with the Quick Money oil.
Repeat as many times as you like. You may wish to tie knots equal to your personal lucky number. When you are through, pass the cord through the incense smoke. Wrap it around the jade stone, and tuck it into the mojo bag. Say...

When I am in my greatest need, money, money, come to me.

Save the cord for when you need some quick financial luck. Light the incense, and carefully untie one knot to release the stored power.

Flowing Prosperity Charm

Jade makes a wonderful charm for attracting prosperity, but it works best when you return that energy. Take a jade bracelet, and set it in the sun and full moon to charge. When it is ready, hold it in your hand. Say...

Jade, bring me abundance and prosperity,
That it might continue to flow from me.

Visualize energy rising from the ground beneath you, into your body, and into the bracelet. Picture yourself financially comfortable, spreading your prosperity around to loved ones, small businesses, and charities. When you feel that the bracelet cannot hold any more power, place it on your wrist. Wear it often to enjoy its money-drawing energies.

When money comes to you, do not forget to pay it forward. Return the jade's favor by making charitable donations.

Money-Drawing Feng Shui

Feng shui is the Chinese practice of arranging your home for a healthy flow of positive energy. This involves mapping out what areas of your life regions of your house or apartment correspond to, and using suitable objects to attract or reflect energy as needed. A jade gemstone money tree is a feng shui money cure.

Imagine a grid with nine boxes -- three across the top, and three down the side. Picture this overlaid on your home. According to one school of feng shui, the topmost left corner is your wealth area. Placing jade carvings or a jade money tree in this area is said to help you attract and keep wealth. (On a related note, remember to keep the lid of your toilet closed -- water is associated with money, and leaving it open symbolically flushes your wealth away!)

A Money Candle Spell

Candle spells are a wonderful, easy way to attract what you what. The wax of the candle holds the magic, which is then released as it burns. As the flame grows, so can your prosperity. You will need:

Patchouli is tied to the element of Earth, and the power to manifest your desires. On a Thursday, when the moon is waxing or full, carve the amount of money you need (or general symbols of wealth) into the candle wax. Rub the carvings with a drop of the oil, then sprinkle them with the powder. Put the candle back in its glass holder and place the coin before it. Set one jade stone to the left of the candle, one to the right, and one in front of the coin. Say...

Money, money, come to me.
I call forth financial prosperity.
Money, money, come to me,
Fill my wallet, set me free.

Light the candle. Picture yourself living a prosperous, financially secure life. Imagine all of the good you will do with the money you obtain. When the candle has finished burning, bury it near your front door. Keep the coin and stones in your purse or wallet.

Jade is a wonderful stone for attracting all kinds of good things, including money. If you find yourself in need of a little monetary help, you can tap into its power to draw prosperity to you.