Magical properties amber

The Magic of Amber

Amber is a powerful stone with a long history of use in magic. Made of fossilized tree resin, it has the unique ability to generate a small electric charge when rubbed with a cloth. For millennia, people have worn, carried, and even made incense or oil from the resin in order to enjoy its magic properties.

Fiery Stones of the Sun

All herbs and stones are associated with certain elements and planetary energies, and amber is no exception. It is regarded as a fire stone, and associated with the sun. According to ancient Roman legend, amber droplets were formed when the sisters of Phaeton, children of the sun god, cried for their brother when he crashed his father's fiery chariot. As solar, fiery stones, the Romans carried them for everything from protection, to healing, to love. Its healing properties are strongly tied to the emotions -- it is excellent for clearing out the mind, releasing pent-up negative energies, and making room for joy and positivity.

Amber for Protection

In Scandinavia, amber frequently washes up on shorelines. Traditionally, it was carried to ensure safety while traveling. People about to embark on a long journey are often given small buttons made of amber to sew onto their coats, to help keep them protected on their travels (especially if they will be sailing).

Some people sew a bit of amber into a baby's clothing in order to protect them from evil influences. Still others string amber beads on a red thread to protect against witches. Interestingly, many witches (Wiccans in particular) wear necklaces of amber and jet for their healing and protective properties. In the Gardnerian tradition, an amber and jet necklace signifies someone who has attained their third degree initiation.

Amber and the Chakra System

Gemstones are credited with the ability to open or cleanse various chakras, usually based on their color or metaphysical properties. Some sources credit amber with the ability to cleanse the entire chakra system, while others are more specific. In many cases, the color of the amber influences the chakra it is best suited to. Green amber is best for Anahata, the heart chakra, red for Muladhara, the root chakra, orange for Svadhishthana, the sacral chakra, yellow for Manipura, the solar plexus chakra, and white for Sahasrara, the crown chakra.

Amber Oil and Incense

Amber does not have to be carried for you to enjoy its properties. As a stone of fire, it is well-suited to being burnt as incense or used to anoint candles. Dress a pink candle with Amber Oil in rituals for love, or a yellow one for success. Amber Resin Incense can be burned on top of charcoal to fill a room with its warm, rich, earthy scent and magical vibrations. If you are looking for powerful, versatile ingredients to help boost your spellwork, it is hard to go wrong with amber resin or oil.

An Amber Meditation for Happiness

For this, you will need an Amber Tumbled Stone, some amber oil, and a white candle. If you are able to, it is good to bathe and clean your house using Happiness Big Al Bath & Floor Wash before beginning.

1. Dress the candle with the amber oil. As you do this, envision whatever emotional blocks you may have being broken, whether they are from a bad relationship, fear of failure, or anything else that may be holding you back.
2. Set the amber stone in front of the candle.
3. Light the candle, and place your hands over the stone.
4. Close your eyes, enjoying the warmth of the candle and the rich scent of the amber oil. Begin to visualize your life changing for the better. What has to take place? What steps are emerging for you to take? Picture the warm, golden energy of the amber filling your heart and mind, bringing you peace and comfort as it clears away the fears holding you back.
5. When you are ready, snuff the candle. Keep the piece of amber with you, and repeat the ritual whenever you feel you need a pick-me-up.

Amber stones, oils, and resins are among the most prized ingredients in magic. Not only are they beautiful and appealing to the senses, their solar power and fiery associations make them extraordinarily useful for keeping away bad things, while attracting good things. Working with amber is a great way to bring more joy, balance, and clarity to your spiritual work.