Magnetic lodestones

Bring Luck and Prosperity With Magnetic Lodestones

Magnetic lodestones are a tool used in magical systems such as Hoodoo. They are mainly used to draw something for you. Hoodoo, also called rootwork or conjuring, is an American system of folk magic that has roots in African, Native American, and European traditions.

History of Hoodoo and Lodestones

Lodestones are one of the most important tools of Hoodoo. They are minerals, a variety of magnetite which has a strong magnetic charge. They have been used by healers and conjurers in many places for all kinds of purposes. It should not be confused with Voodoo, which is a system that came originally from Haiti and later spread to America, most notably Louisiana. Hoodoo, however, has wider roots and is a more diverse system of conjuring. While Voodoo is considered a religion, Hoodoo is simply a way to conjure and may be practiced by people of any faith.

All traditional cultures practice some form of folk magic. Hoodoo came about when slaves from Africa combined their own traditions with those of the people they met in the New World. Thus, Hoodoo has elements of Native American, European pagan, Christian, and Jewish elements in it. From this you can see that Hoodoo is very diverse and eclectic; a Hoodoo worker will use whatever he or she feels will work, regardless of where it comes from. Hoodoo rituals and practices include the use of herbs, spells, incantations, candles, oils, and many other tools.

Because lodestones are magnetic, they are a natural item to use when it comes to attracting or magnetizing something into your life. In Hoodoo, they may be used to attract money, love, health, good luck or anything the practitioner wants. Traditionally, a lodestone will be charged or baptized before it is used. It may even be given a name, which will be consistent with its purpose. For some types of rituals, such as attracting love, lodestones are used in pairs.

Lodestones are divided into the categories of male and female. The male variety has a pointed or pyramid shape while the female variety is flatter and circular. These stones are naturally slate-gray but are often painted in different colors for different purposes. This is similar to the way different colored candles are used in candle magic, another practice that's common in Hoodoo and may be used along with lodestones.

Meaning of Colors

When working with lodestones, you may want to use different colors. You can paint the stone yourself or purchase one that's already been painted. The following are some of the meanings attributed to the colors.

How to Use Lodestones

Lodestones have been used in a variety of ways throughout the ages. They are often used in pairs, not only for love rituals but to attract anything for added power. You can use them in conjunction with other magical tools or spiritual symbols that you work with. This may include prayers, affirmations, essential oils, incense candles, sacred jewelry, or other crystals/stones.

To maintain and increase the magnetic power of lodestones, you can “feed” them iron filings or magnetic sand. Lodestones are traditionally cleaned or purified periodically and whenever they change owners or are being used for a new purpose. Many practitioners store their lodestones in satchels or mojo bags, which may contain other magical items as well.

As with any type of magic or conjuring, the results you get will be enhanced by having a single-minded focus as well as faith. Magnetic lodestones have a long history and are simple and affordable tools that can help you achieve your desires.