Saint Michael Intention Kit

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Harness the protective and guiding energies of Saint Michael with our specially crafted Intention Kit. Created to fortify your spirit and space with divine support, this kit combines sacred tools and potent elements to invoke Saint Michael's strength, guidance, and safeguarding presence.


Empower yourself with the divine protection and guidance of Saint Michael by utilizing the energies and tools within the Saint Michael Intention Kit. Invite his support into your life and create a shield of spiritual strength and guidance.

Invite Saint Michael's protective energies into your life - order your Saint Michael Intention Kit today and embrace divine guidance and safeguarding!

Saint Michael Intention Kit Includes:

  • Cedar Sage Smudge Stick Bundle: Infused with the purifying essence of Cedar and Sage, this fragrant bundle clears negativity and creates a sacred space, preparing it for invoking Saint Michael's protective energies.
  • 10mL St. Michael Herbal Oil: Blended with herbs associated with Saint Michael's protective powers, this oil serves as a conduit to invoke his assistance and shield you from negativity or harm.
  • 4″ Selenite Wand: Utilize the pure and focused energy of selenite to amplify your intentions, connect with Saint Michael's guidance, and reinforce your protective shield.
  • Palo Santo Stick: Engage the calming essence of Palo Santo to maintain a centered and peaceful mindset, ensuring clarity and tranquility during your spiritual practices.

How to Use:

  1. Cleanse and Prepare: Light the Cedar Sage Smudge Stick Bundle, allowing its cleansing smoke to purify your space, preparing it for invoking Saint Michael's protective energies.
  2. Anoint with Herbal Oil: Apply a few drops of the St. Michael Herbal Oil to yourself, candles, amulets, jewelry, or any other objects representative of your intentions, inviting Saint Michael's guidance and protection into your life.
  3. Focus with Selenite: Use the Selenite Wand to visualize your connection with Saint Michael, strengthening your intentions for protection and guidance.
  4. Palo Santo Centering: Burn the Palo Santo Stick to maintain a calm and balanced state of mind, ensuring your thoughts remain clear and your intentions remain focused.