Archangels power prayers

Invoking The Power of The 7 Archangels

In Abrahamic religions, Archangels are the highest rank of angel. Some sources disagree about how many of them exist, but the most commonly referenced number is seven. These angels keep an eye on humans and lower-ranking angels, and are associated with different aspects of existence. While all of them are wise, powerful guides and spiritual healers, they have specific traits that apply to different situations.

1. Michael

Michael's name means, "He who is as God," and he is often considered the most powerful of the angels -- he was the one who threw Lucifer out of heaven. Call upon his help when you are struggling with fear, insecurity, energy, motivation, or removing unwanted spirits from a place.

For protection from all evil, mop your floors using Saint Michael floor wash. When it dries, light some Saint Michael incense (or use Saint Michael spray) and carry it through your home, calling to the Archangel for aid. This can be very simple, like...

Archangel Michael, guard me from evil and harm.

If you like, you can finish by lighting a Destroy All Evil candle, and reading a prayer.

2. Gabriel

Gabriel is the angel who appeared to Mary to tell her she was pregnant with Jesus. His name means "God is my Strength," and he is associated with messages and communication, as well as pregnancy, childbirth, and children. If you are a writer or artist, you may wish to keep a statue of Gabriel near your workspace to help you convey your message. For protection against harm -- especially during pregnancy or childbirth -- light a candle and recite a prayer to him. Repeat as often as necessary until the danger has passed.

3. Raphael

All Archangels are healers, but Raphael is the one most often called upon to heal the sick or injured. His name even means "God Heals." Whether it is a physical illness or a spiritual one, he can help soothe pain and speed healing. Light a white candle dressed with Healing or Angelica oil. As it burns, say a simple prayer, or even just the phrase, "Archangel Raphael, watch over and heal me in my hour of need."

4. Jophiel

Jophiel is one of the few female Archangels, and her name means "Divine Beauty." She is associated with artists, creativity, and the beauty of nature. People call to her when they want to create beauty, see the beauty of life, and soothing negativity. When life has lost its luster, call upon her. Light a yellow candle dressed in sweet-smelling oils -- Ylang ylang and Orange are helpful -- and say a prayer asking her to open your eyes to goodness, light, and beauty.

5. Ariel

Ariel means "Lion of God," and she is associated with animals, nature, and the environment. She helps heal sick or injured animals and protects the natural world. Invoke her for anything involving conservation, pets, wild animals, or connecting with nature. Go out into a park or forest, find a quiet spot, and make your request for her aid. She often responds by sending a symbol -- an unexpected flower, or a hummingbird.

6. Chamuel

Chamuel means "He who sees God." Invoke him to help with relationships, whether they are romantic, familial, friendly, or spiritual. He also helps find lost things, from lost objects to a lost life purpose, love, or the solution to a problem. No matter what you are looking for, light a white candle and some Angel devotional incense, and say, "Archangel Chamuel, I have lost my [name the lost item here], and wish to find it. Help guide me to it." Clear your mind, and wait to receive a helpful message.

7. Azrael

Azrael means "Whom God helps." He is often pictured as the Angel of Death, since he guides souls to the afterlife and helps heal grief in the living, but he also helps in every other kind of transition. He does not cause destruction, but he can guide you through it. Invoke him when your life is experiencing loss and upheaval, and ask for his help. Light a blue candle dressed with lavender oil, and ask Azrael to help you find peace with your new situation.

There are more than seven Archangels, but these are the ones most often called upon for help. No matter what life throws at you, you can reach out to them for guidance, healing, and aid.