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Money Drawing (Jala Dinero) Perfume

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Money Drawing Jala Dinero Perfume is a powerful and fragrant tool that can help you attract abundance and prosperity into your life. Made with a special blend of natural herbs and oils, this perfume is designed to enhance your vibrations and magnetize wealth to you.


Whether you're looking to increase your income, manifest new opportunities, or simply invite more financial stability into your life, Money Drawing (Jala Dinero) Perfume is an excellent addition to your spiritual practice.

  • 1oz Glass bottle

How To Use Money Drawing (Jala Dinero) Perfume

Simply apply a few drops of Money Drawing Jala Dinero Perfume to your pulse points, and allow the sweet, inviting aroma to surround you. While applying the perfume, visualize yourself surrounded by money as you say "I deserve to have financial freedom!" You can wear it daily or use it for special money-drawing rituals or spells.