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Three Money Manifestation Rituals To Draw Wealth

Manifesting money is about more than simply working hard and hoping for wealth to come to you. If you need more cash flow in your life, you should work towards it and make sure your energy and intentions are set on it. Avoid spending money on frivolous things, since this tells the universe that you have more than enough. Do not hoard your cash either, since this interrupts the flow of energy. Work steadily, spend your money sensibly, and use these rituals to manifest what you need:

The Ritual of 3x33

This will take three days to complete. Some people prefer to do this in their journals, but you can give it added power by incorporating the right crystals, herbs, and incense.

You will want three sheets of paper or parchment, a pen (preferably with green ink), Money Drawing sachet powder, a quartz point, Money Drawing incense, and a Bring Me the Money candle. (If you have favorite money herbs, like basil or cinnamon, feel free to use those in place of the powder or incense as you see fit.)

It is best to start this on a Thursday during a waxing moon, but, if it is an emergency, you can begin this ritual whenever you need to. Start by lighting the incense. Pass a sheet of paper through the smoke three times, and say an affirmation. If you need a hundred dollars to pay a bill, for example, you might say, "I am grateful for bringing this hundred dollars into my life, so I can pay my bills."

Next, write that same affirmation on the sheet of paper 33 times. Sprinkle it with the sachet powder, fold it in half, and place it under the quartz point.

The next day, repeat the process with a new sheet of paper. Pass it through the smoke, say your affirmation, write it on the paper 33 times, sprinkle it with sachet powder, fold it, and place it under the crystal.

The day after that, repeat the process again with the last sheet of paper. Take the stack of three pieces of paper, and place them under the candle. Light the candle, and repeat your affirmation. Allow the candle to burn completely. Keep the candle remains, papers, and crystal together until you receive money.

Build a Money Bowl

A money bowl is a prosperity-drawing charm that works over time. You can start with any bowl -- glass, metal, ceramic, crystal, or any kind you like. You may wish to choose a special bowl to dedicate to this purpose.

Next, you will need money-drawing herbs:

Choose whatever combination of herbs suits your purpose.

Fume the bowl with a stick of cinnamon incense. (You can also carefully light the end of a cinnamon stick, blow it out, and use that.) Next, place a bit of each of the herbs inside, asking for their help as you go. Once the herbs are in place, put one coin of each denomination inside of the bowl, along with a citrine, pyrite, and aventurine stone.

Hold your hands over the bowl, and visualize it filling with golden light. Picture yourself happy and comfortable, with all of the money you need to live abundantly and help others do the same. When you feel the bowl is full, stop. Place it in an area you will pass by every day. Every so often, repeat the visualization to keep the bowl's energy fresh. If you have any spare change you do not need, add it to the bowl as you see fit. Never remove the coins.

Make Money Water

In feng shui, water symbolizes money. (If you leave the lid of your toilet open, you are symbolically flushing your finances away!) Water is also very good at holding the energy of what you put into or around it.

You can make a little daily ritual of making and using money water. All you need are a glass container, fresh water, and money-drawing crystals like citrine, pyrite, aventurine, goldstone, or even a money amulet.

Fill the glass container with water and set it in a sunny spot. (Before noon is best since the sun's power decreases after midday.) Place the crystals around the base of the container, not touching the water. This is an indirect method of making a gem essence and will imprint the crystal's energy on the water itself. If you wish, you can picture the water filling with the power of money manifestation.

Let the water sit in the sunlight to charge for an hour. When it is ready, you can drink it, anoint yourself with it, add it to a bath along with Money Drawing bath salts, or use it to wash your hands with some Money Drawing soap. You can do this every day if you wish, or as often as you need to.

If you could benefit from a little extra money, do not hesitate. Begin directing your energy and power toward attracting more wealth. These rituals can help open up more opportunities to earn money and make it easier to manifest the cash that you need.