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Ancestor Money

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Ancestor money is paper that you can burn to send into the spirit world. Burn this ancestor money to send along financial riches to your deceased relatives as an offering. Ancestor money also dissolves negative debt karma. Perfect for your altar.


Ancestor money is a unique spiritual tool that offers a way to connect with your loved ones who have passed on. It is made of high-quality paper that is specifically designed to be burned as an offering to your ancestors. When you burn ancestor money, you are sending financial riches into the spirit world, providing support and abundance to your deceased relatives.

This offering is not just a physical representation of wealth, but also a powerful way to dissolve negative debt karma. Ancestor money helps release old, limiting beliefs about money and opens up the flow of abundance and prosperity into your life. The act of burning ancestor money is a symbol of gratitude and respect, and a way to connect with the energies of your ancestors.

Whether you use ancestor money as a daily ritual, on special occasions, or during times of need, this spiritual tool is a powerful way to bring blessings and abundance into your life. Ancestor money is a beautiful addition to any altar, and it offers a way to honor and connect with the energies of your loved ones who have passed on.

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