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Rituals to Put Money in Your Pocket

Who would honestly turn down some extra money? In today's world, cash represents security, mobility, and the freedom to pursue your dreams. Having money in your wallet protects you from unforeseen hardships, helps you live in comfort, and keeps debt collectors away. If that sounds like something you could use right now, it might be time to consider performing a money ritual.

Communicating Your Needs

A successful money ritual requires more than some candles and a petition paper with a dollar amount written on it. First, you must determine if you really need money, or just the things money can buy. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so, if you actually need a new car or this month's rent more than actual money itself, perform a ritual to bring you those things directly. Second, you must figure out how the money should come to you. Are you willing to pick up extra overtime at work? Are you a gambler? If you are not specific in your request, the universe may decide to send you an accident so you can get money through a lawsuit instead!

When you have determined what you really need and how you can get it, it is time to begin.

A Prosperity Wallet

Does it seem like your money is spent almost before you even receive it? Do your dollars tend to "burn a hole in your pocket?" You can create a ritual that turns your wallet into a tiny prosperity generator itself. On a Thursday during a waxing moon, set up an altar with a green money drawing candle, some money drawing incense, a new wallet (preferably the folding kind), and an image of Saint Jude.

Light the candles and incense, and hold the wallet open over the incense smoke. Place the image of Saint Jude in the ID or photo pocket of the wallet, where you can see him. Recite the 57th Psalm as you anoint all four corners of the wallet with basil oil. Repeat burning money incense and anointing the wallet every time you receive more money to help you hold onto it.

Bring Fast Money

Sometimes, life pulls the rug out from under us and the only thing that can help is some quick cash. In that case, an herb sachet or mojo bag can help. Find a peaceful time when you can clear your mind and focus your intent. Anoint a green candle with some Quick Money oil, and light it. As it burns, visualize your urgent bills paid, food in your pantry, and your money problems solved.

In a green bag, place cinquefoil, cinnamon, basil, and mint together with a green lodestone anointed with lodestone oil. Carry it with you, especially during money making opportunities.

Slow and Steady

Sometimes, money is not an urgent need. If you are building up a business, you do not want a fast burst of customers followed by nothing -- you want your fortune to grow in a way you can sustain. For this, you need a money ritual that can bring you long-term prosperity. First, be sure to use a money drawing floor wash in your place of business (even if you work from home). Carry a lit stick or dish of money incense clockwise around the building, starting and ending from the front door. As you walk, say a few words inviting customers into your place of business. These can be as simple as, "Clients, clients, come to me," or as complex as a prayer to the prosperity deity of your choice. Keep a citrine stone near your registers and a sprinkle of Irish moss under your rugs to keep customers returning to you.

Money is your ticket to freedom and mobility in the world, but it is not always easy to come by when you need it. No matter how you earn it, there are ways to help you get it, use it, and keep it when you need to. With a clear intention, visualization, and the right money drawing herbs, candles, stones, and scents, you can clear your path to financial prosperity.