Money drawing tree video

How To Perform a Money Tree Ritual

In this insightful video, Lulu introduces viewers to a unique Feng Shui practice for attracting wealth, prosperity, and abundance using a carefully prepared money tree. This special tree is not only a decorative piece but also a powerful spell for enhancing financial business success, at home, or personally. Lulu explains how the tree, adorned with golden coins, peony seeds, and pyrite at the base, serves as a magnet for monetary gain and protection.

She provides detailed instructions on placing the tree in the southwest corner or the money area of a room, home, or office to maximize its effectiveness. Lulu shares her practice of positioning the tree near where she performs her rituals and beside a window to invite prosperity directly into her living space.

To further empower the tree, Lulu uses money drawing oil and Mr. Money (Don Dinero) incense for blessing and cleansing. She suggests keeping the tree near a money bowl to symbolize the incoming wealth and abundance. Additionally, she recommends enhancing the tree's potency with a sprinkle of cinnamon and mint at its base, known for their properties of attracting wealth and refreshing energy.

This video serves as a guide for anyone looking to incorporate Feng Shui principles into their life to foster financial success and well-being through the creation and nurturing of a money tree with peony seeds.