Guardian angels

Guardian Angels

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In Richard Webster's bestselling book, he draws on research from Christianity, Judaism, and Islam to teach readers how to connect with their guardian angels through various practices like meditation, rituals, and prayers. Through inspiring stories and practical guidance, readers will learn how to seek guidance, protection, and spiritual aid from their celestial supporters, ultimately strengthening their connection to these radiant personal protectors.


In every step you take, your faithful guardian angel remains by your side, ensuring that you are never truly alone. Their presence envelops you with unwavering love, transcending boundaries. Drawing insights from Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, esteemed author Richard Webster imparts wisdom on how to establish a profound connection with your angelic guide through a myriad of practices, including meditations, crystals, rituals, prayers, and visualizations. Delving into the depths of this subject, Webster explores how to seek guidance, protection, and spiritual support, while also aiding in your personal healing, releasing negative emotions, and fostering self-esteem. Through captivating tales of individuals such as Socrates and Lorna Byrne, who have experienced regular communication with their angels, the rich history of these celestial beings comes alive. With Richard's expert guidance, you will gain comprehensive knowledge about these luminous guardians and strengthen the everlasting bond with your divine companion.