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Go Away Evil Soap (Quita Mal Jabon)

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Unleash the power of purity with this Go Away Evil Soap (Quita Mal Jabon)! Infused with a unique blend of traditional herbs and natural essences, this soap is designed not only to cleanse the body but also to ward off negative energies and influences. Each lather is a step towards surrounding oneself with an aura of protection, creating a sanctuary of positivity.


Whether you're seeking a spiritual cleanse or just a refreshing daily bath, this Go Away Evil Soap (Quita Mal Jabon) ensures a harmonious balance, pushing away unwanted vibes and attracting good fortune. The invigorating scent not only uplifts the spirit but also provides a sense of calm, preparing you for any challenges ahead.

  • Comes with an amulet and prayer card in English & Spanish
  • 3.5 oz Bar