Saint benedict prayers rituals

Protection from Evil with Saint Benedict

Everyone experiences evil at some point or another. There are many ways for this kind of negative energy to enter your life. Saint Benedict watched as this happened to his companions, which is why he is now petitioned for protection from it. If you need some help guarding yourself or your loved ones, there are several ways you can call upon him.

Who was Saint Benedict?

While there are multiple figures who go by Saint Benedict, this name most commonly refers to Benedict of Nursia. He was the son of a noble family, and went on to found twelve monasteries. When he was a young man, his family sent him to Rome to study. While he was there, he was very disappointed by the way his fellow students fell into vices and evil ways. He became a hermit for several years, then went on to become a monk.

The Rule of Saint Benedict is named after him. He created this rule in the year 516 CE as guidance for monks. It consists of seventy three chapters, covering how to live spiritually and efficiently run a monastery.

Petitioning Saint Benedict

When you need protection from evil or the effects of temptation, light a white candle dressed with angelica oil. Sit peacefully, and calm your mind. When you are ready, say the following prayer:

"Dear Saint Benedict,
God gave you the wisdom to create a rule for living a spiritual, efficient, and holy life.
I ask you to intercede on my behalf, that God might protect me, my family, my home, my possessions, and my livelihood from evil.
May I and my loved ones be delivered from temptation and vice, and guard our health from the effects of a dissolute lifestyle.
Thank you, Saint Benedict.

Protective Talismans

Saint Benedict is often places on medals and other talismans for protection from evil, witchcraft, and malicious magic. If you need this kind of protection, begin by drawing a bath of fresh, clean water. Add 7 Holy Hyssop according to the instructions, and stir it with your dominant hand. As you stir it, say the prayer above.

When the bath is ready, step in and fully immerse yourself. Allow the power of the hyssop to cleanse and protect you. After you are ready, step out, and allow yourself to air dry.

Take a Saint Benedict necklace or medal in your hands. Hold it to your heart, and ask the saint for help in protecting you from evil. Be specific -- if there is a certain situation that is making you feel unsafe, say so. Afterward, anoint the jewelry with a drop of hyssop oil. Thank Saint Benedict for his help, and wear the necklace or medal whenever you have to go out into the world.

Creating a Space for Saint Benedict

If you are often in need of Saint Benedict's help, you can create a small space for him in your home. This is especially good for students -- Saint Benedict is their patron. People who find themselves distracted from their studies by partying can ask him for help resisting temptation. It is also good for people who experience bad health, especially if this is caused or worsened by their lifestyle.

To create a simple altar, all you need is an image of the saint and a candle. A statue works well for this, but a laminated prayer card is better for people without the space for a full altar.

First, find a space where your altar will not be disturbed. Place the image there, with the candle in front of it ( white candles work well for this). If you wish to place protective curios, fresh flowers, or a glass of water on your altar, you can. It is very important to make sure that you keep the altar dust-free and light the candle consistently. If you do choose to use fresh plants or water on your altar, make sure that they are changed regularly.

With proper maintenance, this altar can serve as a peaceful place you can return to to ask for guidance, help, and protection.

Images of Saint Benedict often show him with multiple inscriptions. These include the Latin phrases for "Let not the dragon be my guide," and "Begone Satan, do not suggest to me thy vanities." These emphasize his role as a protector from evil and banisher of temptations. If you or someone you love is in danger, asking him for help can make it easier to avoid being tempted into making the wrong choices.