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Powerful Rituals For Banishing Evil For Good

Have you been experiencing a run of bad luck? Does the energy around you just feel "off?" Are there people or things in your life that always seem to put you on edge? If any of these are true, you might have an evil influence around you. It could be a spirit, a demon, an enemy, or even just an overwhelming amount of negative energy. You do not have to live this way, however -- you can banish evil from your life, and move forward in a peaceful, healthy, and abundant way.

Step 1: Clearing Your Surroundings of Evil

Performing protection spells and rituals on yourself is helpful, but those can only go so far if the evil influence is in your home. Clear your surroundings by first making your space as positive as possible. Open the curtains to let light in. Open the windows for fresh air. Turn on cheerful music. Clear away dust, dirt, and clutter. Do everything you can to stir up any stagnant or negative energy, and get it moving out.

Once you have done this, it is time to chase the evil out. Make a floor wash using Go Away Evil Floor Wash and fresh water. Mop your entire home starting from the back to the front, to push any evil influences out through the front door. If you have carpeting, do not worry -- simply vacuum thoroughly from back to front, then throw the vacuum bag away or empty the canister far from your home. Follow by sprinkling some Go Away Evil sachet powder around your living space, or using a spray.

When you are through, place a Go Away Evil Go Away Evil 7 Day or Custom Big Al candle in the heart of your space (for most homes, this will be the kitchen or living room). Light it, and allow it to burn for awhile. Snuff it, and repeat for seven days. When the candle is spent, dispose of the remnants as far from your home as possible.

Step 2: Clearing Yourself

After taking a thorough bath or shower, drain and fill the tub again with fresh, clean water. Add Go Away Evil Bath & Floor Wash, bath salt, or a bath bomb. Submerge yourself thoroughly, allowing your body to soak up the energy of the ingredients. When you are ready, step out of the tub, allow yourself to air dry, and, if possible, dispose of your bath water by throwing it over your left shoulder, toward the east.

If you do not have a bath tub, that is okay. You can still benefit from using Go Away Evil soap in the shower, or even while washing your hands. If you like, you can also fill a wash basin or bucket with clean water, add Go Away Evil bath salt, and pour it over yourself.

Step 3: Protecting Yourself

If you know you may encounter evil when you go out in the world, prepare yourself. Before leaving, visualize yourself surrounded by a bubble of golden light that no evil may cross. Ask your ancestors, spirit guides, deities, saints, or guardian angels to watch over and protect you. Anoint yourself with some Go Away Evil cologne, and feel confident that you are protected.

Step 4: Clearing Your Job

If your workplace is the source of your woes, do not worry. You can use discreet ways to chase evil away, like Go Away Evil sachet powder or spray, or anointing your work area with Go Away Evil oil.

Step 5: Clearing Objects

Have you ever picked something up, then immediately felt a shiver go down your spine? Sometimes, negative energy can remain attached to objects. If you feel a prickling sensation, anxiety, or even physical illness when you are around something, it may have an evil aura around it.

First, clean the object as well as you can. If possible, bathe it in fresh water with some sea salt added and dry it in the sun. Then, light some Go Away Evil incense powder, resin, sticks, or cones, and pass the object through the smoke. Say,

"With this smoke, I drive away all evil and negativity. Begone, only this object shall remain."

Evil can be sneaky and persistent. Problems caused by evil entities generally do not go away on their own -- they stick around until something changes. With these rituals, you can remove evil from your home, job, self, and anything you own.