How to bless dress evil eye talismans

How To Bless and Dress Evil Eye Talismans

In this video, Lulu demonstrates the process of blessing and dressing evil eye talismans. She combines the use of dressing oil and prayer to achieve the utmost protection against jealousy and envy. By following her guidance, you can ensure that your talisman is empowered to provide you with maximum defense.

When it comes to discussing protection against the evil eye, bracelets and talismans are popular topics. It is recommended to use an oil of your personal choice, such as our Go Away Evil Oil, when dressing and blessing these items.

Apply the oil onto the bracelet and hold it in the palms of your hands. Set your intention and offer a prayer to safeguard against the evil eye and jealousy, ensuring that any negative energy is absorbed by the talisman or bracelet instead of directly affecting you. Throughout this process, it is important to express gratitude to your spirit guides.