Fast Luck Resin Incense

Fast Luck Resin Incense

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Ready to fast-track your fortunes? Unleash the potential of rapid luck with the Fast Luck Resin Incense and pave the way for swift success!


Unlock the doors to rapid opportunities and fortunate outcomes with the Fast Luck Resin Incense. Carefully crafted to invoke swiftness and positive energy, this potent blend serves as a catalyst for accelerating luck and manifesting favorable outcomes.

  • 1 oz bag
  • Must be burned on top of charcoal

How To Use Fast Luck Resin Incense

  1. Prepare Your Space: Place a piece of charcoal in a heat-resistant burner. Light the charcoal and then place a few pieces of resin on top of the charcoal. This will release its aromatic essence.
  2. Focus Your Intentions: Concentrate on your desires and goals, visualizing swift manifestations and the arrival of favorable opportunities.
  3. Manifestation Ritual: Utilize these resins during rituals or moments of manifestation to speed up the realization of your intentions and goals.