Open road bad luck

Break Bad Luck and Open Your Road

There are times in life when every day seems cursed. When everything you touch breaks and everything you say comes out wrong. When the simplest task becomes a complicated mess and you feel like you want to hide in bed with the covers pulled over your head. Every one of us has experienced stretches like this. The key to breaking this string of bad luck is to open your road and clear your path. Clearing away the obstacles that are blocking you from success will help you more forward and find prosperity.

Opening Your Road

Spiritual roadblocks are just as frustrating and incapacitating as actual barriers on a highway. Imagine your positive energy being forced to a standstill by negative forces. As that energy is stopped, bad luck, legal problems, illnesses and relationship problems can all build up and spiral into a giant storm of negativity. Emotional blockages can be paralyzing and difficult to break free from.

Luckily, there are steps that any person can take to turn their luck around and remove those negative obstacles from their path. The route towards a new job or a new relationship is in your hands. Road opening requires focus and strength of mind. A part of you must have the purpose and desire to change your circumstances for the better. A simple way to begin the process of opening your road is by lighting an Open Road/Elegua or Open Road Custom Big Al Candle. Candles create a calming atmosphere that can help to center your intentions. Anoint your candle with Open Road oil and repeat the following prayer:

I invoke the sublime influence of the eternal father to obtain success in all the subjects of my life and to smooth all difficulties that are in my way. I invoke the aid of the Holy Spirit, so that my house prospers and my company and my person receive a message of good luck, sent by the divine providence. Oh great hidden power, I implore your supreme majesty so that you separate me from danger, at the precise moment, that my way is illuminated by the light of fortune. I shall receive the infinite blessing of the sky. I believe in God all powerful Father, Amen.

A spiritual bath is another way to clear your life’s path. Prepare your bath by filling your tub with water and emptying the contents of Open Road Bath & Floor Wash or Deliverance Bath & Floor Wash into the water. Soak in the tub for at least 15 minutes while concentrating on the areas of your life that need improving. After you have finished soaking, stand up in the tub. Pour the herbal water over your head to cleanse away any obstacles. These baths should be repeated once a day for 7 days. Perform your first bath ritual on a Monday and repeat until Sunday to open up new opportunities in your life and create a smoother path for yourself.

Using Abre Camino to Clear Away Obstacles

One of the most popular herbs used in spell work is the abre camino plant. Meaning ‘open roads’, this magical blend is used by the espiritistas of Latin America in the creation of many of their spells. Indigenous to the tribal climates of Central and South America, abre camino can be traced back to the Afro-Caribbean religion of Palo Monte. The spiritual magic workers of this religion would add this bitter herb to their spirit pots as an offering to help them open the roads of those in need.

Today, abre camino can be found in various forms. Abre Camino/Open Road Herb Bath can be used similarly to the spiritual baths mentioned above. This herbal bath is filled with essences that assist in money-drawing, curse-removal and protection from evil. It is also useful in attracting a new love interest into your life. These herbs are typically steeped in boiling water, strained, cooled, and poured over the body while standing in a tub. Recite the prayer above as you perform this ritual.

Abre camino perfume or cologne can be worn to assist you in opening your path to success and prosperity. Open Road Floor Wash contains the abre camino plant and should be used to clear away any obstacles that have blocking your road to success. Start from the farthest corner of your home and mop the floors until you wind up at your front door. After you have finished your cleaning, burn Open Road Incense Powder to remove any lingering barriers that may be hindering your progress.

Whether you prefer a spiritual bath, candle-lighting ritual, home cleanse or your own unique spiritual process, opening the road to prosperity is within your grasp. Perform your road opener spells during a waxing moon to draw in opportunity, and during a waning moon to remove obstacles from your life. Focus your intention and open your mind, as the path before you opens in unison.