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Fast Luck Kit

Fast Luck Intention Kit

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Accelerate your path to success and seize the opportunities that await with our exclusive Fast Luck Kit. Crafted with potent ingredients and sacred tools, this kit is designed to amplify your luck, attract positive energies, and manifest swift, prosperous outcomes in your endeavors.


Maximize your potential for swift success and fortunate outcomes with the Fast Luck Kit. Let its potent energies and tools propel you towards your goals, swiftly and with unwavering positivity.

Open the doors to rapid luck and success - order your Fast Luck Kit today and pave the way for swift and prosperous outcomes!

Fast Luck Intention Kit Includes:

  • White Sage with Cinnamon Smudge Stick Bundle: Infused with the power of White Sage and Cinnamon, this aromatic bundle purifies your space, ridding it of obstacles and negativity, while also inviting in a rush of positive, fast-acting energies.
  • 10mL Fast Luck Herbal Oil: Formulated with a blend of herbs known for their rapid luck-boosting properties, this oil acts as a magnet for good fortune, swiftly attracting opportunities and blessings your way.
  • 4″ Selenite Wand: Embrace the focused and swift energy of selenite, directing your intentions toward quick and fruitful results, while shielding your endeavors from obstacles.
  • Palo Santo Stick: Harness the calming essence of Palo Santo to maintain clarity and calmness amid the fast-paced energy, ensuring your focus remains steady and your intentions pure.

How to Use:

  1. Cleanse and Prepare: Light the White Sage with Cinnamon Smudge Stick, allowing the aromatic smoke to cleanse your surroundings, preparing a clear and receptive environment for the influx of positive energies.
  2. Anoint with Herbal Oil: Apply a few drops of the Fast Luck Herbal Oil to yourself, candles, amulets, mojo bags or any other objects related to your goals, magnetizing swift luck and opportunities towards you.
  3. Focus with Selenite: Use the Selenite Wand to channel your desires, infusing them with rapid manifestation energy and maintaining a clear, unwavering focus on your objectives.
  4. Palo Santo Centering: Use the Palo Santo Stick to ground yourself, ensuring that amidst the swift energies, you remain centered and in control of your intentions.