Dragons blood

Using Dragon's Blood In Rituals and Spells

Dragon’s blood is the name of the resin that comes from the plant Dracaceno draco, also known as Draconis Palm or Daemonorops palm. This dark, blood-red resin - which is associated with the element of fire and the planet Mars - is secreted from the fruit and stem of this plant. It is typically used in its crystalized form or as a powder.

A prickly outer layer protects the fruits of the Draconis Palm. This is fitting, as the resin of this plant is a very powerful protectant. The fruits are picked and stored in bags, then beaten to loosen the resin. The powdered resin is then sifted and warmed to form lumps.

Dragon's Blood resin has a long history of use. The Greeks and Romans used the resin to stop bleeding. It was used as an astringent wash for wounds in Europe, Mexico, Asia, and many other areas. Italian violin makers also used it as a varnish.

How to Create Dragon's Blood Powder

The easiest way to use chunks of resin is to break or shatter them into smaller pieces. You can do this with a very large mortar and pestle, or a hammer. Place a ball of Dragon's Blood resin in a plastic bag. Lay the resin on a hard surface and tap with a hammer until it breaks up into small pieces.

Using Dragon's Blood In The Home

For cleansing a home, burn Dragon’s Blood incense in the center of the home. It’s a powerful way to get rid of the energies of former occupants of a house and create a fresh space for the new owners. Use with camphor for added strength! Sprinkle some Dragon's Blood sachet powder around your house and by your front door to drive away evil and negativity. Wash your home with Dragon’s Blood Bath & Floor Wash for increased purification and protection. To create a wall of protection, bathe with Dragon's Blood Bath Salts or Dragon’s Blood Bath & Floor Wash.

To quiet a noisy house, create a powder from Dragon's Blood resin. Then mix the powder with sugar and salt, and place in a bottle. Cover this tightly and secured it somewhere in your house where it won't be found. You'll have peace and quiet.

Love and Money Drawing

To draw money and luck, anoint a Money Drawing candle with Dragon's blood oil. This can also increase your personal power! Carry a chunk of Dragon's Blood resin carried in a red mojo bag to attract good luck and bring love to you. Due to its red color, Dragon’s Blood is also associated with love magic. Dragon's blood resin and incense can be used to increase courage and encourage someone who has left to return home. For sexual problems and impotency, place a chunk of the resin under your mattress. Add Dragon’s Blood to love sachets and spells to give greater potency to other herbs used in magic and rituals.

Love Mix to add in love sachets:

Other Magical Uses For Dragon's Blood

Dragon’s blood can also be used in spells dealing with healing and banishing. Crush the resin in Dragon’s Blood oil and dress candles for your rituals. Chunks of resin can also be burned directly on coals. Use Dragon’s Blood Ink to write down names for your rituals, and draw seals and other symbols on parchment. Place under a candle and burn for protection and strength.