Coffin Box


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Voodoo dolls have been used as a form of sympathetic magic for centuries, and a voodoo doll can help focus energy and intention to achieve a desired outcome. Placing the dolls in a small wooden coffin symbolizes finality and closure, increasing the power of a hex, and the coffin can be decorated to personalize the ritual.


The use of voodoo dolls as a form of sympathetic magic has been a practice for centuries in various cultures and traditions. By using a voodoo doll, you can focus your energy and intention to bring about a desired outcome. This small wooden coffin can serve as an additional tool in your practice.

Placing your voodoo dolls inside of this wooden coffin creates a symbol of finality and closure, amplifying the power of your hex. The wood material adds an earthy, natural touch to the ritual and its compact size makes it easy to carry and store. Depending on your preferences, the wooden coffin can be adorned with intricate carvings or painted with symbols and designs that are meaningful to you and relevant to your intention.

  • 6" Natural Wood