Borage Leaves

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Borage is a powerful herb known as the "Herb of Courage" that brings bravery, optimism, and positive energy. It can be used in spellwork for courage and happiness, infused into oil for anointing, or added to bath water for spiritual cleansing to enhance dream work.

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Borage herb is a versatile and uplifting addition to any spiritual practice. Often referred to as the "Herb of Courage", it is believed to impart a sense of bravery and optimism to those who use it. Borage can be added to spellwork for courage, happiness, and psychic protection, or infused into an oil for anointing or added to bath water for spiritual cleansing. This herb is also said to enhance dream work and bring positive energy to any space it is placed in. Embrace the power of borage and allow it to bring positivity and courage to your spiritual journey.

Make the Borage leaves into tea and sprinkle it around your house for peace and tranquility. Also, you can carry the Borage leaves with you to increase courage and confidence in any situation.

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