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The Magical Uses of Lemon, Lime, and Orange Oil

Citrus fruits are some of the most magically potent and versatile ingredients out there -- and you probably have some in your kitchen right now! Lemons, limes, and oranges all have their own magical virtues that can help lend power and focus to your rituals. All you need to do is use them the right way.

Lemon Oil

Lemon is considered a wonderful energy cleanser. Just keeping whole lemons around can help purify your surroundings, and their light, refreshing fragrance has an uplifting effect. Some practitioners treat it as a "power ingredient," in the belief that the addition of lemon adds an extra dose of energy and positivity to any ritual, mixture, or potion. With that in mind, you may want to keep a lemon, some dried lemon peel, lemon blossoms, or lemon oil on hand.

Some more specific uses include:

  • Adding a drop or two of lemon oil to love oils. Lemon is said to have the ability to attract positive things to the user.
  • Adding a drop or two of oil to banishing spells (especially for unwanted lovers). While lemon is great for attracting good things, it is also useful for repelling bad things. Use it to clear out unwanted people, situations, or energies in order to make room for good ones.
  • Anointing candles for spirit work. As in love spells, lemon oil helps attract good entities and repel bad ones.

A Lemony Luck Spell

For this, you will need a gold candle, lemon oil, and dried chamomile.

If possible, start on a Thursday when the moon is waxing. Hold the gold candle in your hands, and picture yourself endowed with good luck. You succeed at anything you put your mind to, you prosper, and you are surrounded by an abundance of friends. When you are ready, anoint the candle with the lemon oil in a clockwise direction, then roll it in the dried chamomile flowers. Place the candle back in the glass holder, and light it.

As it burns, say:

Chamomile flower and lemon bright,
Shower me in luck this night.
Lemon fresh and chamomile sweet,
Give me good fortune, my needs to meet.

Allow the candle to burn completely. Bury the remnants near your front door, to attract luck and blessings to you.

Orange Oil

Orange works similarly to lemon in many contexts. The primary difference is, that lemon is better at repelling negativity, and orange is better at attracting things. Orange oil, fruit, and blossoms are often used in love and happiness magic. The next time you eat an orange, save and dry the peels -- they are a wonderful addition to herbal sachets for joy and optimism!

Other uses for orange include:

  • Breaking creative blocks. If you can find naturally-flavored orange seltzer, add it to a spiritual bath. The bubbles and bright orange fragrance are good for shifting blockages in your creative energy.
  • Drawing specific things into your life.
  • Enhancing the power of spells for attraction.

Orange Love Incense

For this, you will need some dried orange peels, lovage root, benzoin resin, rose petals, and lavender buds. Combine these ingredients, and grind them up fine with a mortar and pestle or herb grinder (do not use one you use for food). Mix this with a few drops of orange oil, and just enough honey to make the mixture stay together. Form into tablets or balls, and seal in a container to let the incense dry and cure.

On a Friday during a waxing moon, take a piece of paper and write down the kind of lover you wish to attract to you, or the ways you wish to improve your existing relationship. Place the paper under an incense bowl filled with sand and a charcoal tablet. Light the charcoal, and, when it is ready, place a small piece of the incense on top. As it burns, the smoke will carry your desires.

Lime Oil

Lime is an interesting magical ingredient. It is often used in love spells, but, where orange and lemon attract a lover, lime is used to keep them faithful to you. It can also be used to drive someone away, or sour a relationship between two people.

Some other uses for limes include:

  • Adding them to a prosperity altar. Their color ties them to green energy, which represents growth, abundance, and money.
  • Using them to cleanse negative energy from a space.
  • Getting rid of bad luck and attracting good fortune in its place.

Cleansing Lime Floor Wash

If you want to clear the energy of a space, you can add a few drops of lime oil or juice to your favorite floor wash recipe. You can also make one by combining fresh, warm water, a quarter cup of white vinegar, a tablespoon of liquid castile soap, sea salt, and seven drops of lime oil. Stir this mixture counterclockwise nine times, and use it to mop your floors from the back to the front. When you are through, use the rest to wipe down your front and back doors, and all of your windowsills. As you do this, say:

No bad energy may stay,
This is my domain, and I send it away.
By vinegar, salt, and sour lime,
I remove all evil from what is mine.

Dispose of the remainder of the water outside, toward the sun.

Citrus fruits combine sweetness, sourness, and a freshness that is unlike any other ingredient. When you add them to your rituals and recipes, call upon their powers to attract, cleanse, and banish to keep your energy bright and healthy.

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