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Orange Blossom (Flor de Naranja) Oil

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Orange Blossom Oil (Aceite de Flor de Naranja) is used to attract things like love and happiness. It is also used when seeking to soothe the nerves, or relieve tension and anxiety.


Elevate your rituals, uplift your soul, and bask in the divine energy of Orange Blossom. Our Pure Orange Blossom Essential Oil is a natural attractor and will help you get the love you deserve. It is also a mood enhancer, helping to lift your spirits and promote a positive mindset. Allow the citrusy notes to uplift your energy and bring a sense of clarity to your spiritual endeavors.

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How To Use Orange Blossom Oil

Enhance Sacred Objects: Apply a small amount of Orange Blossom oil to sacred objects, such as crystals, candles, or ritual tools. This can infuse these items with positive energy and amplify their spiritual significance.

Anointing Candles: Anoint candles with Orange Blossom oil before lighting them in spells or rituals. Choose colors that align with your intention, such as white for purification, red for love, yellow for joy, or orange for creativity. As you anoint the candle, focus on infusing it with your desired energy.

Altar Offering: Place a few drops of Orange Blossom oil on your altar as an offering to invoke a sense of joy, abundance, and spiritual purity. This can be particularly powerful during rituals related to gratitude, prosperity, or spiritual growth.

Blessing Tools: Anoint your magical tools, such as wands or crystals, with Orange Blossom oil to consecrate and bless them. This ritual can enhance the tools' spiritual energy and connect them to the positive and uplifting qualities of the oil.

Purification Bath: Add a few drops of Orange Blossom oil to your ritual bathwater to cleanse and purify your energy before spellwork. Visualize any negative energies being washed away, leaving you spiritually refreshed and ready to focus on your intentions.

Joyful Intentions Jar: Create a magical intentions jar by anointing it with Orange Blossom oil. Write your desires on small pieces of paper and place them in the jar, infusing them with the joyful and positive energy associated with Orange Blossom.

Abundance Spell: Use Orange Blossom oil in spells focused on attracting abundance and prosperity. Anoint coins, money, or objects representing wealth with the oil, visualizing your intentions manifesting as you do so.

Love and Harmony Spell: Incorporate Orange Blossom oil into spells aimed at promoting love, harmony, and positive relationships. Anoint pink or red candles, crystals, or personal items symbolizing love with the oil to enhance the energy of your working.

Invocation of Spiritual Guides: Anoint yourself with Orange Blossom oil before meditation or ritual to enhance your connection with spiritual guides, ancestors, or higher realms. The uplifting scent can serve as a beacon for positive and enlightening energies.

Moon Rituals: Include Orange Blossom oil in rituals performed during the full moon, a time associated with abundance and manifestation. Anoint yourself, candles, or ritual tools with the oil to amplify the energy of your lunar workings.