Win in court

Spells and Rituals To Help Win Your Court Case

Court cases are disruptive and costly and can cause anxiety and trauma to you and your family. Luckily there are ways to find justice through rituals and spells. These powerful products and prayers can help you win in any legal issue you face.

Harnessing High John's Power for Legal Victories

The most famous of all Voodoo roots, High John root can help you overcome anything when the odds are against you. By removing all obstacles in your way, High John can help you win your court case.

Seven days before your court date, light a High John the Conqueror candle. Anoint it with High John oil and write down your wishes on parchment paper with Dragon, Dove’s, or Bat’s ink. This gives your spell extra power. Place the paper underneath the candle and concentrate on your intentions. Do this each day leading to your court appearance. You can also burn High John incense during this ritual.

Take three baths or showers using High John The Conqueror bath wash or soap prior to the court date. On the court date, wash your face with High John bath wash using a white cloth. Apply High John perfume and/or oil to your neck.

Carry High John root in a green mojo bag with you during the trial. You may also carry High John sachet powder with you and sprinkle some on all legal documents.

Enhancing Court Case Success with Psalms

Write Psalm 35 on white unlined paper. Place the paper in your left shoe and wear it every day. When the paper is all wrinkled up and unreadable, use your right hand to throw the paper behind you. Don’t pick it up. Just walk away. Doing this ritual symbolizes winning your court case in haste.

You can also anoint a brown candle in oils, light the candle, and recite Psalm 35 every night until you win your case. Some like to recite Psalm 37 right after Psalm 35. Do what feels right for you! You can also use an already prepared Win At Court candle.

Recite Psalms 5 and 7 after lighting your candle just before sunrise and just after sunset for three days prior to the court.

Mix rose-oil, water, and salt in a bottle while reciting Psalm 20. On your court date, rub a little of this rose oil mixture on your face, hands, and clothing.

A Mojo Bag for Court Hearings

We mentioned carrying High John the Conqueror root in a Mojo Bag. You can also carry a Change Your Luck Amulet, Confuse & Defeat Enemy Amulet, or Win in Court Amulet in the bag. Sprinkle Court Case Sachet Powder and cologne in the bad for more power or carry it with you at all times during any legal meeting or court hearing.

Influence Legal Proceedings With Galangal Root

Back in the day, one would chew Galangal Root while in court and spit in the area where the judge or opposing lawyers were. Today, you can chew on this root, also known as "Chewing John” during your court day for extra protection against those who have caused you harm. While chewing, concentrate on your wish and then spit it out as discreetly as possible.

Black Mustard Seeds for an Advantage in Legal Battles

Used to cause confusion among your enemies, this is another favorite for winning in court. Sprinkle the black mustard seeds where your enemies walk or carry them with you in a mojo bag.

Silencing Enemies with Freezer Spells

Silence the ills that are spoken against you by taking a bath in High John the Conqueror Bath Salt or Fast Luck Bath Salt. Place some of the bath water in a small cup. Write the name of your enemy on a piece of paper, place it in a little cup of the bath water, and place it in the freezer.

Sweetening Judgments with a Honey Jar

Sweeten the judgments against you by placing honey in a jar along with mustard seeds, High John the Conqueror root, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and anything else that you want like paper for all the parties involved in the case. Place a brown candle into the honey jar, anoint it with Fast Luck oil, and repeat Psalm 35.

Any of the above spells and rituals may help you get the results you want in court, but you can also try Original Products’ Win In Court Kit, which comes with a spell variety of products you can use to help win your case.