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Chewing John (Galangal)

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Chewing John Root is the third type of John root, also called Little John to Chew or Court Case Root. Made from Galangal (Alpina galanga), it is used in hoodoo court case spells and has a pleasant ginger taste, chewed and swallowed to bring a favorable outcome in court.

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Chewing John Root, aka Little John to Chew or Court Case Root, is the third John root variety. Galangal, also known as Alpina galanga, is a member of the ginger family and used medicinally for digestion. In hoodoo, its appealing ginger taste is used in court case spells: chew the root, swallow the juice, discreetly spit before the judge enters, and the case will go in your favor. Ground form, Little John to Chew Powder, is also an option for use in sprinkling or honey jar spells.

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