Release resentment find peace rituals

Rituals to Release Resentment and Find Peace

Resentment is a slow-acting poison, but one that is hard to give up. You often hear that you need to "forgive" the people who have hurt you, but this can feel painful and wrong, or seem like you are saying that it is okay that they harmed you. Even if you are wrestling with long-standing pain and anger, you can let it go, find peace, and move on with your life.

Removing the Curse of Resentment

Some experts hold that simply believing that you have been cursed is enough for the effects of a curse to manifest in your life. In other words, holding on to the idea that someone has jinxed you can be just like actually being jinxed. Resentment is similar -- when you hold onto that negative energy, it brings more trouble into your life.

One way to let go of resentment is to treat it like a hex and cleanse its effects from your life. You may wish to begin with a two color black and white candle. Hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize the resentment. Picture your hurt as a prickly, brightly colored energy. Pour this energy into the candle, until you are able to picture yourself happy, healthy, and free of pain. Anoint the white portion of the candle with white lavender oil, for peace and cleansing. Anoint the black portion with cedarwood oil, for healing and purification. Place the candle in a fire-safe holder, and light it. Say...

Resentment does not serve me.
I release and heal this pain.
No longer may this have a hold on me,
And it never shall again.

Let the candle burn completely, and dispose of the remains far from your home. Repeat as often as you feel you need to.

An Emotional Healing Ritual

You can also use the element of water to help cleanse and heal your heart. For this, you will want to mix together lavender flowers and rose petals. Steep them in some boiling water, allow the water to cool, then strain out the flowers. Save the liquid.

Fill a bath or basin with fresh, clean water. Add a handful of sea salt and stir with your dominant hand. Add the lavender and flower water. If you like, you can also add seawater for soothing pains of the soul, or peace water for added tranquility.

Step into the bath, and let yourself soak up the healing, cleansing energy. Water is the element of emotions, and is ideal for washing away lingering anger, resentment, and sadness. You may feel the urge to grieve -- that is okay. Express yourself however you need to here, and let the water wash away your frustration and pain.

When you feel ready, step out of the bath. Dispose of the water over your left shoulder, towards the rising sun. Dust yourself with peace sachet powder, or anoint your skin with peace oil, and enjoy the feeling of serenity. Repeat this ritual each time you are going to see the person who hurt you.

A Heart-Healing Candle Spell

Start this spell by choosing your candles carefully. For healing and releasing resentment, you may wish to work with blue for emotional healing, white for cleansing and purification, and either pink or green to call for healing the heart.

Dress the blue and either pink or green candle with carnation oil. Carnation is used in healing spells, and to help protect oneself from the actions of other people.

Dress the white candle with cedarwood oil for purification and healing. (Cedar is also used for strength and resilience in aromatherapy, so it can be helpful in that way too.)

Place the three candles on a safe surface, with the white one in the center. Light it first, and say...

With this flame of white, I unburden my heart and cleanse my emotions. No longer will I hold on to this resentment.

Use the white candle to light the blue one next. Say...

With this flame of blue, I heal my heart. I have no need to hang on to negative emotions.

Next, use it to light the green or pink candle. Say...

I forgive this hurt as one forgives a debt -- not to excuse it or allow it to happen again, but to recognize that only I can make myself whole again. I bring the light of love, healing, peace, and joy into my heart.

Sit near the candles. If you have a favorite energy-cleansing meditation, now is a good time to do it. Otherwise, just feel and enjoy their light and warmth. Let it connect to your heart center, healing and clearing it. When the candles have burned away, dispose of them far from your home.

Resentment is like anger, but often harder to pin down. It is not as intense, but can still have a very negative effect on our lives, well-being, and relationships. These workings can help you let go of resentment and find peace, so you can move forward with or without the person who wronged you.