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Rituals to Help Work Through Grief

Grief can be paralyzing. When you are in the grip of it, it can be hard to even look forward to better days ahead. You might feel guilt, anger, sadness, and even physical pain. The only true cure for grief is time, but there is really no telling just how long it might take for the pain to start to subside. That is where spells and rituals can help. No ritual can completely erase the impact of grief, but they can make it easier to get through.

Create an Altar to Lost Loved Ones

If you are grieving a death, it might help you to create a way to spiritually connect to the loved ones you have lost. Creating an altar to the dead is pretty simple. First, you must choose a place of honor in your home, where you can easily maintain the altar and keep it clean. Next, lay it with a cloth, and set it with a glass of water and a white candle or a Remembrance Candle.

From there, you can decorate your altar how you wish. Use pictures of your lost loved ones, a vase of fresh flowers, a bowl for incense, artwork, or anything else you can think of. Whenever you want to speak to your lost loved one and ask for help healing your grief, light the candle and make an offering of incense, flowers, food, or drinks. Speak to your lost loved one as though they were with you, and freely express your love and grief. This is an excellent time to say all of the things you may not have been able to say in life.

Bring Peace into Your Life

Not all grief comes from the death of a loved one. You may also grieve the end of a relationship, or even a change in your life circumstances. If that is the case, you may wish to perform a ritual to bring more peace into your life and allow your heart to heal.

For this, you will need a bath tub full of fresh, clean water. Add a few ounces of Peace Water to the bath, and stir it clockwise with your right hand. As you do this, say,
"My heart is heavy, and full of grief. With water I cleanse it, and bring me peace."
Undress and step into the bath, fully immersing yourself. Absorb the healing vibrations of the water as you visualize yourself filled with a deep sense of calm. When you feel you are ready, step out and allow yourself to air dry.

As you dry, dress a Peace candle with a few drops of Peace oil. Hold it in both hands, and visualize it filling with golden light. Say,
"My heart is cold, I feel such pain. With fire I warm it, I am whole again."
Light the candle. Sit quietly, allowing the fragrance to fill your senses. When you are ready, snuff the flame.

When you are through, dust yourself with some Peace sachet power. Say,
"My heart is calm, my heart is healing. With power I seal it, and ease my feelings."

Repeat this ritual as often as needed.

Crystal Rituals for Releasing Grief

Crystals are an excellent way to tap into, release, and heal the emotions. Dress a rose quartz heart in cypress oil and meditate with it to help heal and balance your feelings. If you need help during the day, you can wear a dalmatian jasper necklace or an amethyst bracelet for calming and peaceful energy. When you feel the need for some emotional harmony, take hold of it in your left hand, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Though these rituals are small, they can be very powerful.

At its heart, grief is an expression of love. It is how we show that we care about who or whatever is no longer with us. If you are in the midst of grief, take heart -- with time, and some spiritual help, you can express this love, release your grief, and move forward into a better tomorrow.