Return my money spells rituals

Return My Money Spells That Get You Paid Fast

Money is a physical representation of energy. It is the energy of prosperity, and the time and effort it took for you to earn it. When you put it out into the world, and everything goes as it should, that energy is supposed to return to you. There is an old saying that "you have to spend money to make money," but what do you do when that cycle is interrupted? How do you get your money back?

Simple: You give things a little magical push. If you have money coming your way that seems to be taking its sweet time, one of these spells can speed it along.

Hurry Up and Return My Money Spell

For this, you will need:

Take the photo of the person who owes you (or, if you do not have one, a piece of paper with their name in green ink) and write the amount they owe you on the back. Look the photo in the eyes, and say...

You owe me, now pay up!

Place it in the jar. Add the herbs. In this spell, the heat of the cinnamon and ginger help "light a fire" under the person who owes you, without driving them away like cayenne would. Turmeric is gold in color and associated with money, the element of earth, and prosperity. Jezebel root is great for attracting money -- especially if you have to get it from a stingy man.

Cover the jar and shake it up. Set it in front of you, and place the candle behind it. Light the candle, and say...

You owe me much,
So now pay up.
I loaned it freely,
And that is fine.
But now you must
Return what is mine.

Light the candle, and visualize the person handing you the cash you desire. Let the candle burn as possible. If you must leave it unattended, snuff the flame. When you return, shake the jar, re-light the candle, and repeat the chant. When the candle has burned away, dispose of the remnants by burying or hiding them near your front door. Keep the jar in a safe place until you are repaid.

A Magnetic Money Spell

This spell relies on the magnetic power of lodestones. You will need:

Light some of the incense. Take the lodestone, nutmeg, and money, and pass them through the smoke. Anoint the objects with a drop or two of the oil, and place them inside of the bag.

Light the candle, and hold the bag in your dominant hand. Say...

Money lent, money bestowed,
Return to me what I am owed.

Picture yourself receiving everything that is owed to you. Repeat the chant as you tie the bag, and set it in front of the candle. Allow the candle to burn completely. If you must leave it, snuff it and re-light it when you return. Keep the bag in a safe place. If you know you will see the person who owes you, carry the bag with you.

A Simple Payment Spell

To perform this spell, all you need is a photo of you, a photo of the person who owes you, some money (bills or coins), a horseshoe magnet, and Money Drawing oil.

In a safe place, set the objects in this order: Your photo, the magnet (with the bend facing your photo), the money, and the other person's photo. Anoint the magnet with the oil, and say...

You owe me cash, you owe me money,
Now you hurry up and pay me.

Repeat the chant each day, dressing the magnet with a fresh drop of oil. Keep the objects hidden until you get paid.

Lending money can create family stress and ruin friendships, especially if you do not want to confront the person who owes you. If you need your money back, using one of these spells can help make the borrower hurry up and pay you back.