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Three Powerful ​Rituals To Make The New Year Great!

New Year's Day is the best time to start with a clean slate. The past few years have been difficult for everyone, so it is a good idea to use this fresh energy to bring in luck, love, and prosperity for the upcoming new year. Here are some more specific rituals to help you attract what you want:

Bring in Money This New Year

Cinnamon is a wonderful money-attracting ingredient. You will need:

First, dress the green candle with cinnamon oil. Anoint it in a clockwise direction, as you visualize your bank account filling with all of the money you need. Place it on a safe surface, beside the white candle and New Year's candle.

Boil the water in a large pot. Place the cinnamon sticks inside, and allow the mixture to simmer until the water becomes dark and fragrant. You may stir it in a clockwise direction, as you repeat the visualization you did with the candle. Say...

Cinnamon warm, and cinnamon sweet,
Bring me money to make ends meet.
By water clear and cinnamon tea,
I call forth abundant prosperity.

Turn off the heat and allow the cinnamon water to cool. Next, add some of the liquid to a bucket of water and use it as a floor wash, mopping from the front of your home to the back. Be sure to wash your doors and windows, as well. Light the white candle. Say...

As the sun returns and the year turns, I clear myself and home and bring in new abundance.

Use the white candle to light the New Year's candle. Say...

I summon forth the energy of abundance and success.

Then, use the white candle to light the green candle. Say...

I draw financial comfort and prosperity into my home.

Allow all three candles to burn completely. If you must leave them unattended, snuff and relight them when you return. When they are burned through, dispose of the remains.

Attract Love This Year

Even if you do not need more money right now, you can use this New Year's energy to attract love. Start by making your space welcoming -- you might want to bring in vases of fresh roses, light some love-drawing incense, and turn on soft music. Once you have set the right mood, prepare an altar with:

Dress all three candles with the Love oil. As you anoint the white one, say, "White for pure love." For the pink, say, "Pink for romantic love." For the red, say, "Red for passionate love."

Place them in a row with the bracelet in front of them. Light the candles, and sit in their warm, romantic glow. Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart. Visualize yourself with your ideal partner, someone who represents all of the qualities you desire. Say...

This year, I will love and be loved. I call forth a lover who will love me purely, romantically, and passionately. This is my will.

Allow the candles to burn completely. If you need to leave them, snuff and relight them when you can. Once they have burned away, dispose of the remains near your front door and wear the rose quartz bracelet every day, from New Year's Day onward, until you meet your lover.

You may also wish to sleep with some mistletoe under your pillow. Place a few sprigs of fresh mistletoe (or a small pouch with some of the dried leaves) under your pillow before going to sleep on New Year's Eve. It will help you attract a new lover.

Draw in Luck This Year

If you have money and love, you are already pretty lucky. If you still want to attract blessings, you can perform a simple ritual for luck. Traditional practices include wearing white or yellow; eating grapes, raisins, black-eyed peas, or lentils; and climbing stairs as the year ticks over.

This is a fairly basic candle spell that can even be done as part of a New Year's Eve party. Get enough candles for your guests, and have everyone take part! You will need:

  • A candle. Gold is best, but, if that is not possible, and kind of white or natural beeswax-colored candle will do.
  • Van Van oil
  • A knife, pin, crystal point, or another sharp tool.

Hold your candle in your hands (if you are doing this as a group, everyone should do this with their candles as well.) Visualize stepping into the New Year happy, healthy, and able to attract anything you desire. Blessings and abundance flock to you. If you have a specific desire in mind, use the sharp tool to carve it into the wax. Finish by dressing the candle with the Van Van oil.

Place the candle(s) on a safe surface. If you like, you can arrange them in circles of twelve. Light each one, and say...

When New Year's Eve turns to New Year's Day,
Good luck and blessings come our way!

Allow the candles to burn completely.

New Year's Eve is a spiritually charged time. It is when you can discard the things of the past that no longer help you, and enter a bountiful, abundant future. With these simple rituals, you can harness this power to bring more goodness into your life.