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Power Spells To Fight Lies and Reveal The Truth

Have you ever had the sneaking feeling that someone is not being honest with you? You may not have proof that they are lying, but your intuition can tell you when something is not right. Follow your intuition and help uncover the truth with these four spells.

A Primrose Spell for Truth

For this spell, you will need a blue candle, Primrose oil, thyme leaves, and a small heatproof plate or bowl. Anoint the candle with the oil, then place it in the center of the dish. Sprinkle the thyme leaves around the candle inside the dish as you focus on your question. Say...

I invoke protection,
For no more misdirection.
I will receive the truth.

Light the candle and say...

Blue like clear sky,
The truth shall not hide.
By this candle blue,
I will know what is true.

Take the candle, and allow some of the melted wax to dribble onto the leaves in the dish. Say...

Leaves of green,
Wax of blue,
Bring to me the words of truth.

Snuff the candle. Take the leaves outdoors, and cast them into the winds. The winds will blow the truth your way.

Truth-Revealing Rune Spell

For this, you will need a white candle, a knife or pin to inscribe it with, and the name or photograph of the person you suspect of lying. Use the knife or pin to carve the rune Dagaz into the wax -- this is the rune of awakening and illumination. Set the candle in a safe place, and put the person's name or photograph in front of it. Light the candle, and say...

I seek the truth,
I will not rest,
And you will tell me,
At my behest.
You will come to me,
With no more lies.
For with this light,
I open your eyes.

Allow the candle to burn as you focus on the photograph or name. Visualize this person coming to you and answering your questions completely and truthfully. When you are ready, snuff the candle. Repeat until you obtain the answers you seek.

A Lip-Loosening Poppet Spell

This spell uses a poppet, or a voodoo doll dressed in a person's likeness. Do not worry if you do not know how to make a realistic one, it can be very simple. Use scraps of fabric cut into a "gingerbread man" shape, and stuff with cotton, more scraps of fabric, or whatever soft material you have on hand, as well as a mixture of rose petals and thyme. If you have any personal touches from the person the poppet represents (like hair, nail clippings, or a scrap of fabric from their clothing) include those as well. Use thread to decorate the poppet's face with eyes and a mouth. Name the poppet by speaking the person's name aloud.

When the poppet is ready, set a space with a blue or white candle. As the candle burns, take a small pair of scissors, a seam ripper, or a pair of tweezers and begin removing the stitches from the poppet's mouth. Say...

Through your web of lies,
You will open my eyes.
Loosen your lips, speak to me,
And give me only honesty.

Repeat this three times, as you pull out the stitches and burn them in the candle's flame. When you are through, place the candle and the poppet in a safe place until you receive the truth.

A Truth Jar Spell

You will need a jar, a photograph of the person you suspect of lying (or a piece of paper with their name written on it), some salt, some calamus root, and some graveyard dirt (or, in a pinch, nails, and pins).

Place the photograph or name paper, calamus root, salt, and graveyard dirt or nails and pins inside of the jar. Cover it with the lid, and shake it violently as you say...

(Person's name), I know you know the truth.
You tell it all, and you tell it right now.

Repeat this nine times. If you like, you can also heat the jar on your stove or in boiling water -- use a fireproof jar if you choose to do this! After it cools, place the jar in a safe place. Repeat until the spell's target tells the truth.

Lies and liars can be frustrating, especially when their deception negatively affects you. Use these truth spells to help get to the bottom of the situation, and get the truth you need.