Pendulum power divination

The Power of the Pendulum

Divination and spirit communication allow us to see past what we are normally able to. They can show us what will happen if we continue on a path, what is happening right now, or what has happened. They are important skills to hone for every witch, rootworker, or other light workers, and everyone has their own favorite method. One of the easiest and most powerful methods to work with is using a pendulum. In addition to divination, pendulums can even be used to help heal the body and spirit.

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is simply a weight on the end of a string or chain. You hold one end of the pendulum, and allow the weight (also called the bob) to hang free. For spirit communication, you ask questions and interpret the pendulum's motion. For healing or chakra work, you hold it over each chakra in turn and interpret its motion. You can use any weight and any string or chain while you are first learning to use a pendulum, but there are very beautiful and effective pendulums made of crystal or brass specifically for regular use.

Pendulum Basics

The first thing to do when working with a pendulum is to establish "yes" and "no." Some workers do this by simply saying, "Show me yes" watching the pendulum swing, then saying "Show me no" and noting the differences in how it moves. It may move in a clockwise circle for "yes," and counterclockwise for "no." It may move in a circle for "yes," and a straight line for "no." One method is to hang the pendulum in the middle of an empty drinking glass and count the number of times it strikes the rim -- one for "yes," two for "no," and so on.

After that, make sure it is consistent. Ask it questions that have an obvious answer, like "Does two plus two equal four?" or "Is the grass purple?" and notice "yes" or "no" answers. If your pendulum is consistent and clear, you can continue using your pendulum as you wish.

Protecting Your Pendulum

It is important to perform a protection spell before you work, to make sure that only well-meaning entities contact you. A very simple protection spell is to imagine a sphere of golden light surrounding you, your pendulum, and the area you are working in.

As you visualize this, say...

Gods and Goddesses of dark and light,
Shield me with your holy might.

You can substitute the names of your specific deities, guardian spirits, or angels if you wish.

Using a Pendulum For Spirit Communication and Divination

Light workers use pendulums for everything from getting information to finding out if a spell or ritual they just performed is going to work to communicating with loved ones and ancestral spirits. After figuring out what "yes" and "no" answers look like for your pendulum and making sure it is consistent with its answers, you can begin using it to communicate beyond the veil.

Some like to light Spirit Incense or anoint themselves with Spirit Oil before working to help strengthen their abilities and connect with the element of Spirit. Silence, or a little soft music, can help as well. No matter what you prefer, choose a place that is peaceful and will allow you to concentrate on connecting with your loved ones or spirit entities. Then, ask questions and allow them to communicate through the pendulum.

Do not try to interpret their answers in the moment -- it is better to wait until after the session to avoid losing concentration. Write down the answers as they are given to you, then analyze them afterward.

Using a Pendulum for Healing or Chakra Work

A pendulum's motions can be used to tell when the body's energy is not flowing the way it should. For this, simply hold the pendulum over each chakra or part of the body in turn, and interpret its swings. If it swings rapidly or gives you a "yes" motion, energy is moving through that area. If it is motionless, sluggish, or gives you a "no" motion, something is amiss and more work is needed to open and balance things again. The pendulum can be used again to check on the body's progress toward healing.

Pendulums are an easy-to-use and versatile tool. They provide valuable insight, and it does not take much time to learn how to properly use one for spirit communication, divination, or healing.