Pendulums how to use divination

How To Use a Pendulum For Healing & Divination

In this video, Lulu introduces the use of pendulums as a spiritual tool. She explains that pendulum usage requires practice, patience, and trust in intuition. Pendulums can uncover energy blocks, communicate with spirits, and aid in divination.

To use a pendulum effectively, Lulu advises choosing one that resonates personally, cleansing it with water, smoke, or energy, and finding a quiet space to work. Holding the pendulum, deep breaths are taken to connect with its energy, and intentions are visualized.

Lulu demonstrates the pendulum's movements for "yes" and "no" responses. Once understood, the pendulum can be used for guidance, healing, and spiritual goals. Regular practice sessions are recommended to strengthen the bond with the pendulum while storing it in a special place and periodic cleansing helps maintain its pure energy.