Oracle card readings guide

Oracle Card Reading: A Detailed Guide For Beginners

In a recent live video session, Angelina, psychic medium at, delved into the practices of grounding, clearing energy, and working with oracle cards. This article expands on her teachings, offering a comprehensive guide for those looking to deepen their spiritual practices. We'll explore Angelina’s various techniques for grounding, cleansing, and interpreting oracle cards during readings.

Grounding and Clearing Energy

Grounding is a fundamental practice for achieving a balanced and clear state of mind. Angelina describes grounding as, "Imagine your roots going down your spine, deep into the Earth, releasing any nervous energy." This visualization not only calms the mind but also prepares the body to receive blessings and spiritual guidance.

Techniques for Grounding

  1. Visualization: Sit comfortably, either outdoors or indoors, and close your eyes. Visualize roots extending from your spine or the bottom of your feet deep into the Earth. Feel the heaviness and stability as your energy connects with the Earth. This technique works by establishing a symbolic connection with the Earth's nurturing and stabilizing energy, helping to anchor your own energy.
  2. Barefoot Walking: Walking barefoot on natural ground, like grass or soil, can enhance the grounding process. Angelina notes, "Walking outside barefoot helps ground your energy." The spiritual reason behind this practice lies in the direct physical contact with the Earth. This connection allows for the transfer of electrons from the Earth to your body, which can neutralize free radicals and create a sense of physical and emotional balance.
  3. Sitting Under a Tree: This method involves sitting under a tree and imagining the tree's roots intermingling with your own, providing a strong grounding connection. Trees are deeply rooted in the Earth and serve as powerful symbols of stability and strength. By aligning your energy with that of a tree, you can draw upon its steadfastness and grounding properties. Angelina explains, "You can do it from the bottom of your feet or again from the spine just going down into the Earth."
Oracle card readings grounding

Grounding your energy by sitting under a tree connects you with its stability and strength, helping you feel more balanced and centered.

Preparing for Oracle Card Reading

Before engaging in an oracle card reading, it's crucial to ground your energy and connect with your guides and ancestors. Angelina emphasizes, "Ensure you are calling in only those that are benevolent and good, that wish you the best for your highest good."

Steps to Prepare

  1. Meditation: Begin with a grounding meditation to settle your energy. Focus on your breath, allowing your mind to quiet. This practice is essential because it creates a state of inner peace and clarity, making it easier to receive spiritual guidance. Meditation helps you align with higher vibrations and opens up your intuitive channels.
  2. Connecting with Guides: Open up your frequency through the crown chakra and invite your guides and ancestors. Ensure your invitations are clear, calling only for those who are benevolent. This connection is vital because guides and ancestors provide wisdom, protection, and insight. They help steer the reading, ensuring that the messages you receive are in your highest interest. Angelina advises, "Call in your guides and ancestors for their benevolent support and guidance."
  3. Cleansing the Space: Use various methods to cleanse your space and tools. "Cleanse your vessel so you may receive blessings as you share this offering," says Angelina. Cleansing removes any residual negative or stagnant energy, creating a pure environment conducive to spiritual work. It ensures that the space is filled with positive, high-frequency energy, making it easier to connect with higher realms and receive clear messages.

Cleansing Techniques

Cleansing is an essential step to ensure that both you and your Oracle cards are free from any negative or stagnant energy. Angelina shares several effective methods:

Smoke Cleansing

Using smudge bundles, like sage or palo santo, is a common practice. "Let the smoke go around your cards, do every single part of the card," Angelina instructs. Be sure to cleanse the above, below, and all sides of each card. The spiritual reason behind smoke cleansing is that it purifies the environment and your tools by burning sacred herbs. The smoke carries away negative energy, leaving the space energetically clean and spiritually uplifted. This ancient practice is believed to open a pathway for positive energy to flow freely.

Sound Frequency

Sound has a profound impact on energy. Angelina explains, "Some people say that we were created by sound. There was that sound that created all of life." Using bells, singing bowls, or chimes, move the sound waves over and around your cards and yourself. The spiritual reason for using sound is its ability to break up and disperse stagnant energy. Sound vibrations help to recalibrate your energy field and the environment, creating a harmonious and balanced atmosphere conducive to spiritual work.

Flower Essences and Oils

Angelina often uses flower essences, such as rose water or orange water, to cleanse. "This is my own that I make. I infuse different flowers because this is my own lineage," she shares. Spray the essence around yourself and your cards, ensuring not to get the cards too wet. The spiritual purpose of using flower essences and oils lies in their high vibrational properties. These essences carry the life force and healing properties of the plants, which can elevate the energetic frequency of your space and tools, fostering a positive and serene environment.

Physical Cleaning

Simply blowing on your cards or tapping them can also clear stagnant energy. "Just blowing on them, tapping them, I tap the bottom and the top," Angelina advises. The spiritual rationale for this method is rooted in the intention behind the action. Blowing or tapping the cards symbolically removes stagnant energy, refreshing and revitalizing the deck. It's a simple yet powerful way to reset the energy of the cards, ensuring they are clear and ready for use.

Difference between tarot oracle decks

Tarot decks follow a structured system with 78 cards, while oracle decks offer flexible themes and interpretations for intuitive readings.

The Difference Between Oracle and Tarot Cards

Divination tools like Oracle and tarot cards provide unique methods for gaining insight and guidance. While both types of cards are used to connect with higher wisdom, they differ significantly in structure and interpretation. This section delves into the characteristics and uses of oracle and tarot cards, highlighting their individual strengths and applications.

Characteristics of Oracle Cards

Oracle cards offer a flexible approach to divination. They come in various themes and designs, each deck offering a unique way to interpret messages. Angelina states, "The beauty of oracle cards is that there's so many different options. It's not so strict in their structure."

  1. Variety and Flexibility: Oracle cards can be themed around anything, from angels and fairies to animals and deities. This variety allows users to choose decks that resonate with their specific interests and spiritual inclinations.
  2. Ease of Use: Unlike tarot cards, which require knowledge of a complex system, oracle cards are generally easier to use. Each card usually contains a message or an image that can be intuitively interpreted.
  3. Personal Interpretation: Oracle cards encourage personal interpretation. There are no fixed meanings; instead, users are invited to trust their intuition and insights. This makes oracle cards particularly suitable for those new to divination or those looking for a more flexible tool.
  4. Deck Structure: Oracle decks do not follow a standard structure. The number of cards and their themes vary widely, depending on the creator’s vision.

Characteristics of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards, on the other hand, follow a more rigid structure with a standard deck of 78 cards, including the major and minor arcana. "I love the history of tarot and the energy it holds," says Angelina. Tarot cards have specific meanings and are often used for more structured readings.

  1. Standard Structure: A traditional tarot deck contains 78 cards divided into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards that represent significant life events and spiritual lessons, while the Minor Arcana includes 56 cards divided into four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands.
  2. Symbolism and Archetypes: Tarot cards are rich in symbolism and archetypal imagery. Each card has a specific meaning and represents different aspects of life, emotions, and experiences. This depth of symbolism allows for detailed and insightful readings.
  3. Historical Significance: Tarot cards have a long history and have been used for divination for centuries. This historical depth adds a layer of mystique and significance to tarot readings.
  4. Structured Interpretation: Reading tarot cards often requires a deeper understanding of the traditional meanings and symbolism associated with each card. This structured approach can provide detailed and nuanced insights, making tarot an excellent tool for those seeking in-depth guidance.
Oracle card readings shuffling

Shuffling the oracle cards to connect with their energy and prepare for a powerful reading session.

Conducting a Reading

When conducting a reading, it's important to focus on the question and trust the messages you receive. Angelina advises, "You have to trust what the cards are bringing to you. It's for your growth and a lesson for you to witness."

Shuffling and Selecting Cards

  • Shuffling: There are various ways to shuffle the cards. Angelina mentions, "Sometimes I'll just let them fall and shuffle them that way. You want to be careful they do not bend too much." Shuffling is not just a physical act but a ritual that helps infuse the cards with your energy and intention.
  • Selecting: Choose cards intuitively. You might feel drawn to certain cards or experience sensations in your hands or body guiding you to specific cards. Trust these feelings, as they are part of your intuitive connection with the deck.

Interpreting the Cards

Once you've selected your cards, interpreting them involves several steps:

  • Observe the Imagery: Take a moment to closely examine the imagery on the card. Notice any symbols, colors, and figures. What emotions or thoughts do they evoke? The visual elements of the card can provide significant clues to its meaning.
  • Consider the Card's Message: Many oracle cards come with a keyword or a short message printed on them. Reflect on this message and how it relates to the question or situation at hand. For tarot cards, refer to the traditional meanings while also considering your intuitive impressions.
  • Relate to the Question: Think about how the card's imagery and message relate to the question you asked. What insights or advice does the card offer regarding your situation? Try to connect the card's symbolism with aspects of your life.
  • Trust Your Intuition: Your initial gut feeling about a card is often the most accurate. Trust these impressions and allow them to guide your interpretation. "Trust what you receive from the Oracle. You don't have to be so rigid. You can allow yourself to feel something else depending on what the question is," emphasizes Angelina.
  • Contextual Interpretation: Look at the cards in relation to each other, especially if you are using multiple cards in a spread. How do they interact? What story or pattern emerges from their combined meanings? This can provide a deeper and more nuanced understanding.
  • Journal Your Insights: Writing down your thoughts and feelings about the reading can help solidify your understanding and provide a record to refer back to. Journaling can also reveal patterns over time, offering further insights into your spiritual journey.
Oracle card readings intuition

"Trust what you receive from the Oracle. You don't have to be so rigid."

Developing Intuition

  1. Pay Attention to Sensations: Notice how your body feels when you meet someone new or enter a new environment. "You might feel a tingling, a hot or cold sensation," Angelina notes. These physical sensations are often your intuition trying to communicate with you.
  2. Meditation: Regular meditation can help you become more attuned to your intuition, allowing you to receive clearer messages during readings. Meditation enhances your ability to quiet the mind and listen to your inner voice.

By following these steps and trusting in your intuitive abilities, you can conduct meaningful and insightful oracle card readings.

Respect and Care for Tools

Respecting and caring for your spiritual tools ensures their longevity and effectiveness. "These are a tool, but you have to have a reverence or respect for these cards," says Angelina.

Storage and Handling

  • Wrapping: Wrap your cards in cloth or keep them in a special bag when not in use. "I've used different cloths before. My mom one time crocheted me this beautiful piece," shares Angelina. Wrapping the cards protects them and honors their sacredness.
  • Avoiding Touch: Do not let others touch your cards without permission. "I don't let my clients touch my cards either," Angelina mentions. This practice ensures that the cards remain energetically aligned with you and free from outside influences.

Grounding, cleansing, and intuitive reading practices form the foundation of effective Oracle card usage. By incorporating these techniques into your routine, you can enhance your spiritual practice and gain deeper insights from your readings. Trust your intuition and the messages you receive, as they guide you on your spiritual journey. As Angelina beautifully puts it, "Cleanse your vessel so you may receive blessings as you share this offering."

For personalized guidance and deeper spiritual support, you can schedule a reading or explore other spiritual services with Angelina.