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Triple Moon Pendulum / Altar Board 8"

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Discover the versatility of our 8" Triple Moon Pendulum/Altar Board, adorned with the symbolic triple moon and featuring sections for the four elements, sun signs, days, and divination responses. Ideal for both novices and experts, it's perfect for pendulum dowsing, crystal grids, or deepening spiritual connections.


Elevate your spiritual practice with our Triple Moon Pendulum/Altar Board. This 8" square wooden board is adorned with the revered triple moon symbol. Beyond its aesthetic charm, it is designed for functionality, incorporating sections dedicated to the four elements, astrological sun signs, days of the week, and direct divination responses like "yes", "no", and "maybe".

Perfect as a tool for pendulum dowsing or as a crystal grid, this meticulously crafted board is suited for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Whether you're seeking guidance, and clarity, or simply aiming to enhance your spiritual connection, this altar board is your ideal companion.

  • 8 inches square