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How to Use "Blood" Inks In Magical Rituals

Some spells refer to writing things in blood. This is not actual, physical blood (though some spells certainly call for that). Instead, it is a specific kind of ink that resembles blood. These go by a variety of names, and each type has its own specific set of uses.

What is "blood?"

In this context, "blood" is an ink prepared with resins, roots, and herbs for a magical purpose. The name comes from blood magic traditions, but modern recipes do not contain any actual blood. Instead, they are made by combining water, alcohol, and botanical ingredients, often with gum arabic as a thickening agent.

One of the most important ingredients is dragon's blood resin. Traditionally, it was obtained from Dracaena cinnabari, but it may refer to resin from Dracaena, Croton, Daemonorops, Calamus, or Pterocarpus species. Today, resin from Daemonorops is more common. This resin gives the ink its color and acts as a power herb -- meaning that it strengthens any magical mixture to which it is added. This makes it an ideal base for different magical inks.

Using Dragon's Blood Ink

This is the most versatile blood ink. Since dragon's blood resin adds power to whatever it is added to, it can be used for virtually any ritual. It is especially helpful for workings for protection, power, and luck. You may use it the way you would use any other ink, or use it to create sigils or make magical art. Some use it to paint symbols on the skin, but this should only be done with inks that do not contain any poisonous ingredients.

If you need a little help in the luck department, write your desire on a piece of parchment using a quill pen dipped in dragon's blood ink. Tuck it under a Fast Luck custom Big Al candle. Light the candle, and let it burn until it is completely consumed. Bury the remains near your front door to attract luck to you.

Using Bat's Blood Ink

Bat's blood ink typically includes ingredients for binding or cursing, as well as banishing and breaking curses. Think of it as the ink for a "poison pen" letter. It is very useful for protecting yourself against those seeking to do you harm, either by breaking or sending back their baneful spells, or binding them.

If you have been cursed, write the curser's name on a slip of parchment with bat's blood ink. Light a Curse Remover custom-scented candle and place the parchment in front of it. Say...

What you have done,
I now undo.
What you send to me,
I return to you.

Hold the slip (carefully) in the candle's flame until it catches fire. Drop it into a fireproof bowl and allow it to burn to ash. Let the candle burn completely, and dispose of the remains and ashes far from your home.

Using Dove's Blood Ink

Dove's blood ink is essentially the opposite of bat's blood. Where bat's blood is used to repel, bind, banish, curse, and provide more aggressive protective magic, dove's blood is for love, loyalty, reconciliation, and friendship. It is often floral since it is commonly made with Venus-aligned herbs like rose and jasmine. It is a useful addition to love-drawing spells.

To bring in a new lover, start on a Friday during a waxing moon. Write a list of the characteristics you desire using dove's blood ink. Place it under a piece of rose quartz, and set it before a Love Drawing candle dressed with a drop of Love oil.

Light the candle. Allow it to burn down some, then snuff it. The next night, add another drop of Love oil, and light it again. Allow it to burn, then snuff it. Continue this for a total of seven days, ending on the next Friday. On the final day, allow the candle to burn completely. Bury the list and the remains of the candle near your front door, and carry the rose quartz with you as a love charm.

"Blood" inks draw on a strong tradition of blood magic, but are completely cruelty-free and ethical to use. They combine powerful herbs, roots, and resins into a potent mixture that you can use to add power to your workings.