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How to Use Adam and Eve Roots

Few roots work as well for love as Adam and Eve root. Whether you are after steamy passion or an enduring love, Adam and Eve roots can help you get it and keep it. If your love life could use a little more action, these unassuming little roots can have a huge magical impact.

How Adam and Eve Roots Work

Adam and Eve roots are the roots of aplectrum hyemale, a species of orchid native to North America. The roots come in two forms -- one, the Adam root, is elongated and thin, while the Eve root is plump and rounded. These roots grow together, with the Adam root intertwined around the Eve root. Their resemblance to genitalia makes them very potent for sympathetic magic. By using one to represent one partner and the other to represent the other partner, whatever is done to the roots will affect the relationship. These plants were also used to make a glue for repairing broken objects, which gives them strong associations with mending broken relationships.

Keep Your Lover Faithful

One popular way to keep your partner faithful is to exchange roots with them. This ensures that you are always on their mind. If they are exchanged with true and honest vows of love, the roots can help bring lovers back together, even if they have been apart for a long time. Traditionally, a male partner would take an Eve root, and a female partner would take an Adam root. Same sex partners would exchange Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve roots, instead. Partners elsewhere on the gender spectrum should choose whichever roots feel the most appropriate, and go from there.

Attract a New Lover

If you do not have a partner to keep around, that is okay. Adam and Eve roots are just as effective for bringing new love into your life. Anoint each root with a little Attraction Oil or Adam and Eve oil, and place in a red flannel mojo bag. While dressing both roots, light a Come to Me Hoodoo Pillar Candle and recite the qualities you seek in your ideal lover. It may help to prepare a list of these beforehand -- sit down with a pen and paper, and give yourself time to think of the kind of lover you want in your life. Be specific! The more exact you are, the less likely you are to be disappointed. When you have finished dressing both roots and placed them in the mojo bag, carry it with you. Every so often, take the roots out, hold them in your dominant hand, and visualize your ideal lover to keep their energy strong and vibrant.

Bring an Uncertain Lover Closer

If you have a lover who is still a little on-the-fence, use Adam and Eve roots to bring them closer to you. This spell takes seven days to perform, and works best if you time it to end on the full moon.

Dress the roots with Follow Me oil, and place them at opposite ends of a space where they will not be disturbed. In the center, place a Notice Me or Come to Me Candle inscribed with your and your lover's names. Every day, light the candle, allow it to burn, anoint the Adam and Eve (or Adam and Adam, or Eve and Eve) roots with a fresh drop of oil, and move them slightly closer together. As you do this, chant,

"Your love burns for only me,
In seven days, you will see.
I will be all you desire,
By roots and oil and candle fire."

By the seventh day, on the full moon, the candle should be burned out and the roots should be touching. Place them in a mojo bag or square of red or pink flannel, and carry them on you whenever you know you will see your intended lover.

Adam and Eve roots are one of the most popular love herbs there is, and for good reason -- they help. Take care of your roots, and they will not let you down.