St lazarus

Achieving Better Health Through Prayer and Ritual

There is a quote that says “Without your health you have nothing.” It stands to reason that if your body is in poor health, all of the areas of your life suffer as a result. Simple tasks become difficult and you begin to lose the joy in the things that once excited you. It is possible to regain your vitality, pleasure and health. These spells and tools can help you on your path to wellness.

Worshiping St. Lazarus

A poor and leprous beggar, Lazarus is the Christian saint associated with the sick and downtrodden. The Bible tells of the humility and compassion that Lazarus showed for those who were ill and how he never complained about his own plight. His reputation for sympathy and modesty led him to be sainted the patron saint of the poor and the sick.

There are many talismans that pay homage to Saint Lazarus. Wear a Saint Lazarus medal to petition the saint or place a Saint Lazarus Crutch charm in a mojo bag with a Laminated Prayer Card of the saint. Sprinkle some Saint Lazarus Sachet Powder on the bag and carry it with you when you are not feeling well. Place a Saint Lazarus Magnetic Car Statue in your car to surround you with healing energy as you travel. A Saint Lazarus bracelet is a wonderful way to keep him close to you wherever you are.

Saint Lazarus’s feast day is June 21. On this day, pay homage to the saint by preparing your altar in his honor. Start by lighting some Saint Lazarus incense and spreading the fragrant scent around your home. Place a Saint Lazarus statue on your altar. Anoint a Saint Lazarus 7 Day Saint Candle with healing oil and light the candle. While focusing on the burning flame, clear your mind and recite the following prayer:

Dear patron and assistant of the poor and sick.
With this prayer I request your assistance, and with the aid of the Holy Spirit may the
Lord always protect me during sickness or in health.

Saint Lazarus give me the strength to overcome all the temptations on earth.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This ritual can be repeated in times of sickness or when your energy is feeling low or out of sync. Saint Lazarus can also be prayed to in remembrance of anyone who suffers from poverty or illness, from neglect or persecution, or from social injustice.

Honoring Babalu Aye

This Orisha of illness is feared by many. Called upon by the sick and disabled to ease their pain, Babalu Aye controls all things related to the body and mind. He has the ability to rid a person of their sickness and is frequently summoned to rid people of plagues and other life-threatening diseases. Conversely, he also has the power to inflict illness on those who deserve punishment.

Babalu Aye is syncretized with Saint Lazarus and, like the saint, is said to be humble and empathetic. His favorite colors are brown and taupe and his feast day is December 17. When praying to this Orisha, it is wise to make offerings of his favorite foods. They include popcorn, apples, beans, roasted corn, and rum. Prepare your altar by covering it with burlap. Place some tumbled bloodstone on your altar, as well as an Osun/Perro de Babalu Aye. Light a Healing Candle, sprinkle some Calendula flowers on the altar, and recite the following:

Babalu Aye,
Patron of the poor, the sick and the downtrodden.
Helper of the forgotten and forlorn, the disrespected ones.

With this prayer I request your compassionate assistance,
And with the aid of Olodumare, may you always protect me during sickness
And also in good health.

Babalu Aye, give me the strength to overcome temptations
And achieve my full potential during my sojourn on Earth.

Babalu Aye, help all those who cannot help themselves
And remain always by my side.

Illness can take a heavy toll on your quality of life. It is important to consult with a physician and receive proper treatment for whatever issues are affecting you. The combination of traditional medical care and spiritual support and guidance can greatly improve your physical and emotional health.